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By Tela Lewis

Planning a Trip to Vegas with Money to Spare

Las Vegas, Nevada offers thousands of lodging, restaurant, entertainment and gaming options. With something for every interest and budget, this city is an ideal destination for an inexpensive getaway. Family vacations, weddings, bachelorette parties, conferences and romantic getaways all head to "sin city" for fun in the sun. Savvy visitors can save the most money in Las Vegas by combining vacation, dining and entertainment options all into one package.

Packaging the Vacation

Many travel agents and Internet travel sites offer package vacation deals to Las Vegas. This allows a group of travelers to fly, stay and play together. These getaways can save money and time when booking airfare from either coast. For the cost of airfare alone on some carriers, the package deals offer flights, transportation and lodging. Booking the entire trip as a bundle can save time and of course, offer discounts over individual bookings.

Proximity to Strip

Choose the hotel based on its proximity to the Las Vegas strip. If a car rental is planned, an off-strip hotel may offer considerable savings over ridesharing or taxi fares from place to place. Most hotels offer free self-parking as well as free valet parking service. The downtown area, which contains renovated original casinos and hotels, offers bargain-priced getaways compared with the cost of a room in the tower of a major resort hotel. The downtown also has a more relaxed feel and invokes the classic Las Vegas magic of the city's golden years.

If you plan to RV road trip to the strip, several of the larger resorts offer discounted RV parking. Clark County maintains BLM land with RV parking for a discounted rate. Because of the proximity to Lake Mead, the Hoover Dam and even the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas is a very RV-friendly city.

Dining and Entertainment

Resorts often offer additional discounts to lure customers to particular hotels. Many offer discounted entertainment or show packages, a free buffet, dining credits or even play money matching in the casino. The loyalty reward programs featuring frequent player cards are also great sources of free or inexpensive getaways, including free accommodations, gear and dining credits.

The smaller resorts also specialize in particular events like karaoke, billiards, darts or local talent shows and open mic nights. For the cost of a beverage or two, hang with the locals and take a break from the slot machines and expensive shows.

Coming and Going

Las Vegas traffic on Friday and Sunday make those days the most expensive options to travel in or out. Shift the trip a day or two and save a bundle. Weekend travel is also much more pricey for flights and hotels, so try to start or end the vacation on a weekday. Las Vegas entices visitors with activities, nightlife and even family fun. By taking the time to research and plan carefully, it can also be affordable enough to allow for some extra gambling cash. The locals would tell you to put it all on black on the roulette wheel, one spin and hope for the best!

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