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By Kelsey Grindstaff

Passing the time away while waiting for your baby to arrive

As I write this, I am sitting on my couch thinking about the fact that I am four days past due. Most of us know that our due date is simply an estimate, yet it is still difficult to wait for that wonderful moment when baby decides to arrive. This is currently me. Waiting can be – and is – very difficult, so it is a great idea to have a few activities handy to do during the waiting game.

1. Clean the house

I am always amazed at how quickly my day goes by when cleaning or doing yard work. I get so wrapped up in the process that I often lose track of time. Though my mind is more divided these days, it is still a good distraction.

2. Prepare your hospital bags

I say bags plural because I packed each of our bags separately simply because I would rather have several small bags than one large bag. It is easier for me. Pack what works for you, though. Look on Pinterest or YouTube for ideas on what to pack if you are unsure what you specifically might want or need.

3. Try those natural induction methods

Always check with your doctor since things like "drink a glass of wine" might not fall on his or her safety list. There are, however, many safe things you can try. They may work for you, and they may not. At the very least, you are killing time instead of sitting around anxiously.

4. Take a walk

Go for as long as you reasonably can. Do not strain yourself, and be sure to stay hydrated. The simple act of walking can reduce stress and anxiety. It has also been a great way for me to wind down for sleeping.

5. Keep up the exercise

I have exercised all throughout my pregnancy, and keeping to that routine has helped immensely. Also, I have found that my pregnancy/exercise ball has become my new best friend. Bouncing and rocking on it has really cut down on my hip pain. You might give it a try.

6. Take that much needed nap

Exhaustion is the last thing we need before delivering a baby. Besides, we all know how much time that a nap can kill. Take a nap. Everyone will be better off for it.

7. Read a book or watch television

You may be like me and try to do everything all the time, but sometimes it is more helpful for our anxiety if we simply sit and relax with some tea and a good book or movie. I have read a few good mysteries these past few weeks and have laughed through many a good Frasier episode. (Yes, it is an "old" show, but it is so funny.) Whatever you like to read or watch, it will help pass the time while waiting for your baby.

I hope that, no matter where you are in your baby-waiting game, you find these ideas helpful. Even if some of them are not new ideas to you, I hope that something crossed your path that will help you during this anxious time. Happy waiting!

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