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By peter gachui

Online dating: A new way of creating relationships

Online dating is the new way of creating relationships. With increased technology, there has been an increase in interpersonal relationships among the people in society. This advancement in technology has however caused people in the society to have different perspectives about online dating.

According to some, online dating is for those individuals who are afraid of speaking their feelings and airing out whatever is in their hearts in person. Online dating provides the easiest way of meeting people without any stress. During online dating, people more often than not have the liberty of saying anything they would want their potential partners to hear without having any worries as to what the other party would think or say.

In other words, it softens the ground for the two parties so that they become free of each other. Therefore, meeting with others would not be difficult. Online dating exposes one to the other, hence such people develop some chemistry. This implies that even if they meet face to face, they would have something to talk about.

It is usually difficult to go out for a date with an individual you are not used to. The first few minutes would be probably the worst for such people, since they might end up looking at each other with nothing to say to each other.

Advantages of online dating

People consider online dating to be a very important thing since they can easily identify their soulmates with ease. Online dating has been improved through the social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Skype and Messenger. As a critic, online dating is an important phenomenon to have occurred in the society.

This is due to the fact that not every individual would always want to date a person from the same race, continent, or ethnic community. It has been noted that different people have been able to meet people of diverse cultures, traditions and races through social platforms. These platforms form a better part of the online dating community since it is in these platforms where social interaction occurs.

Therefore, it is important to embrace online dating, since one can easily find whoever he or she is interested in. Online dating saves lots of time and also ensures that there is something for every individual. With online dating, people can log into the websites as long as they have time.

This can happen on lunch hours, late in the night or early in the morning. Users can also respond to their messages during their free time. Additionally, they do not always have to leave their residence or dress up spectacularly so as to respond to the messages.

Therefore, such individuals are relieved off their stress that always amounts from having a meeting with people. In online dating, there is always something for every participant. People can look for people who have same interests like them.

Online dating brings out an individual real personality. Due to the continued interaction with an individual over the Internet, it will be easier to know the person in details, his or her reaction to certain things, the way of thinking and also what makes them happy. Most persons tend to write more of what they are feeling where as in the real life, these individuals might hold back their feelings since they are either afraid or embarrassed to talk about certain things.

Disadvantages of online dating

Even though many vouch for online dating, this has not always had the best reputation. This is due to the fact that more often than not, it is full of deception. People tend to lie about their personal lives so they can look good and honorable toward their potential partners. Therefore, this deception will result to break ups especially when the partners find out the truth about the real personalities of the deceptive people.

Online dating has also expose real information of individuals to cyber theft. This will entail the use of someone's information in carrying out a crime. This, therefore, puts someone's life at risk. Therefore, it is recommended that even though online dating is preferred, people should be careful about whom they are interacting with.

Online dating exposes one to inherent risks. On most occasions, young girls usually falls victim of online dating. For instance, they might find that those persons whom they thought they were are not the real people but criminals. As a result, they might end up being defiled by these persons.

Such an act usually changes the girls' lives since they would be disoriented as they develop hate towards men. Online dating has contributed towards single mother scenario where the ladies do not want to get married since they were once hurt by the so called "soulmates."

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