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By Ambrianna Freeze

Online and professional photo manipulation software

Having a strong and user-friendly photo manipulation software is a must-have for any aspiring photographer. Photo manipulators allow photographers to crop photos, add filters, remove “red eyes” and generally improve the overall quality of the pictures. While master photographers may be able to take one perfect shot, beginners will most likely rely on the help a photo manipulation software can provide.

Free photo manipulation software available online

Although some may believe that professional software is the only way to edit photos successfully, there are actually quite a bit of online editing tools that work in the same way as a costly software program would. One of these websites is, which provides two ways to easily edit photos. The first option, Pixlr Editor, has the most features and includes tools such as flexible cropping, brushes, sketch tools, red eye removers and a fill tool. The second Pixlr option, Pixlr Express, has fewer technical tools but provides cropping tools and filters, as well as a wide selection of stickers for a whimsical touch.

Another option is This website is unique, as it offers tools that cater directly to the type of photograph. For example, a photo of a woman’s face would prompt the website to provide editing features such as wrinkle manipulation, a blush tool, a bronzer tool and an eyebrow pencil manipulator. They also furnish the standard tools of photograph manipulation; cropping, resizing, overlays and adding additional graphics. The website features a collage tool as well, which is excellent for a photographer who shoots family photos and develops a collage of the pictures.

Professional photo manipulation software

The most thorough and well-known professional photography software is Adobe Photoshop. Photoshop offers a virtual fortune of options for editing photos, including the creation of highly popular GIFs. The Photoshop user can do nearly anything to a photograph, including cropping and straightening a photo, improving the lighting, changing the color scheme, eliminating unnecessary content such as backgrounds or extra people and exploring a slew of special effects in addition to the standard options featured in the free content available online. As a bonus attribute, the user can create their own images from scratch. The company also offers a 60 percent discount for students enrolled in college, and many college students can access the program for free or at a discounted rate at their university. This software can be purchased through Adobe Photoshop’s website.

For those who usually take headshots or feature faces in their photography, an alternative to Adobe Photoshop is Portrait Professional. This software focuses on elements commonly used in editing facial features including automatic retouches, adding or controlling make-up and adjusting the lighting.

All four of these online software choices can help a photographer of any level develop their photographs into the best possible pictures. Whether a photographer chooses a free internet-based program or purchases a professional photo manipulation software, they are sure to find success. Every photographer enjoys the ability to edit their work after the shoot, and these programs will bring a photographer to their full potential.

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