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By Thea Theresa English

Non-performing careers in the music insustry

When people decide to enter the music industry, they often strive to be performers. But what if you want to work in the music industry but are not interested in the performance aspect? There are numerous ways to work in this industry without working as a performer. One idea is to work as a music critic. These are persons who review all kinds of music for magazines, newspapers and online media outlets. Here are additional non-performing careers in music.

Booking agents

Booking agents are the people who represent different musicians, and their main responsibility is to locate appropriate venues for the musicians to perform at. For example, if a booking agent represents a group that performs mostly jazz, the agent will need to contact different jazz clubs to book his clients. Booking agents often have hectic schedules and will need strong organization skills. Communication and marketing skills are also important for booking agents.

Teaching music

Another option is to teach music. You can teach at an elementary school, high school or at the collegiate level. Music teachers get the satisfaction of instilling an appreciation of music in the younger generation. Some music teachers hold college degrees, while others were long-time musicians who now want to teach for the remainder of their working years.

Public relations specialists

This is a much needed position in the music industry. Public relations specialists are the ones who promote musicians, and they do it through radio station and TV interviews, contributing comments in articles, mailing out media kits about the musicians and by composing press releases. Public relations specialists should have a bachelors degree in marketing and they need to have an aggressive yet respectful attitude in seeking potential fans for the musicians.

Radio station program director

The radio station program director is in charge of reviewing the time slots and deciding which DJs would do best during certain time slots. He is also responsible for creating interesting playlists for the listeners to hear based on the station's target audience and popularity of current songs on the top charts. Other duties include checking music logs, setting up interviews, and taking disciplinary action against DJs at times.

Music therapy

With numerous medical studies showing the therapeutic benefit of music, it is not surprising that music therapy should be considered as a career by those who love music. Music therapists often play music for patients or they use music in other ways to offer comfort to the sick and disabled. You will also find music therapists at schools and community centers.

Record store manager

This is another way to work in a music career without performing on stage. Record store managers might seem obsolete in the face of music apps and online videos but those who love vinyl records or artists from the past will find treasures at a record store. You would assist customers in finding items.

The music industry is broad and you don't have to sign a record deal in order to make it in this business. All you need is persistence and clear career goals.

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