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By rmorreale

Newest movies that should already be on Netflix, and which to look forward to in the coming year

We are only in the third month of the year, but the movie industry has been busy producing instant favorites and high box office sellers. This list is going to give a brief review of a couple of movies that came out in the past few months that are going to satisfy many Netflix viewers if they are chosen to be put on the streaming service. Some of the movies on this list have not been released yet, but they will definitely pique interest and increase anticipation.

Crime/Thriller: John Wick: Chapter 2
This movie, starring Keanu Reeves, became an instant favorite for many action fans since its release on February 10. The plot line was slightly different from that of the first movie, as it seemed that Wick had a significantly higher number of foes he was facing. The movie will have you rooting for an assassin. You will find yourself jolting back from the violent punches and killings but, strangely, wanting to see more.
Director: Chad Stahelski
Release Date: February 10, 2017

Drama: Moonlight
Although released in 2016, this film has come back into the spotlight for its well-deserved win for Best Picture at the Oscars. Separated into three distinct chapters, the life of a black gay man is chronicled emotionally and sympathetically. This film is not a film about race; it is a race film. The characters are not pigeonholed into behaving a certain way, or trying to fit into the Hollywood standard. Instead, they are genuine and carry out sincere performances that will make a mark on the viewer’s memory.
Director: Barry Jenkins
Release Date: October 21, 2016

Fantasy/Science Fiction: The Circle
Based on the best-selling novel of the same title by Dave Eggers, fans are sure to be satisfied by the film. Emma Watson is cast for the main role, and viewers might be able to distinguish similarities between her hardworking and determined character, Mae Holland, and her younger but beloved character, Hermione. There is an air of mystery surrounding the company, which will get the viewer thinking of the effects of future technology and of society’s incorporation of it.
Director: James Ponsoldt
Release Date: April 28, 2017

Comedy: Bastards
This is the tale of a dysfunctional family, built on deceit, lies and deep secrets. Two brothers, played by the hilarious Owen Wilson and Ed Helms, begin a search for their father after they discover he is not really dead as their mother has falsely claimed since they were children. On the journey they also uncover secrets about their mother and their past they may not been prepared, or willing, to learn.
Director: Lawrence Sher
Release Date: January 27, 2017

Animation: Cars 3
This film will satisfy every member of the family: children, but also the adults who watched the first “Cars” movies as children. After a bad crash, Lighting McQueen goes through vigorous training and tries to compete with the younger, sleeker generation of racing cars. The biased love for Lighting McQueen, on the part of the viewers, will have you cheering and hoping for his victory.
Director: Brian Fee
Release Date: June 16, 2017

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