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By Thea Theresa English

Navigate the farmers market with finesse

The farmers market is a neat place to find fresh, seasonal and local produce, as well as other types of food from local food companies. Some farmers markets also have arts and crafts, and there is an abundance of goodies there. There are some things you can do to get the most out of your visit to the farmers market. Here are some neat tips.

Visit the farmers market when they first open and when they're closing

The reason you should visit the farmers market when they first open is because this is the time when you'll find the best choices of items. They sell out quickly, so you want to get there as soon as possible. The reason why you want to visit the farmers market right before they close is because you're more likely to get cool discounts on the items there.

Bring a large bag or two

Another thing you should do when visiting the farmers market is bring a large bag or two because although some vendors offer bags, they are not always very sturdy. In addition, you'll probably purchase plenty of things at the market.

It is best to bring cash to the farmers market

When you head out to the farmers market, it is best to bring adequate cash for purchases, because very few of the vendors are going to make credit card or debit card transactions. Be sure to research some of the average costs of items in general at your local farmers market, because this gives you an idea of how much money you will need to bring.

Do not just buy the same things on each visit

It is great that you are buying fresh local produce at the farmers market, but do not limit your purchases to just those. Other ideas for purchases include homemade syrups for pastries, vintage cookbooks, homemade potato chips, handmade chocolates from independent chocolatiers and a variety of spice blends from the owners of ethnic supermarkets.

Turn your trip into a lesson

There is so much you can learn while at the farmers market. Ask the vendors about the growing process for their staples and you can find out more about what inspired them to start their businesses. For example, the vendor you buy your blueberries from might mention that his mission is to promote a sustainable lifestyle through his organic growing methods for his blueberries. This is great if you are bringing kids to the market.

Buy your most used staples in bulk

An advantage of shopping at the farmers market is that you can purchase your staples in bulk at neat prices. If you use pineapples and oranges a lot in your cooking, purchase these in bulk. This keeps you from having to make frequent trips to the grocery store.

The farmers market is a treasure of amazing items and it is an excellent way to consume healthy foods. You are also supporting the local economy, and this leads to a more sustainable life for cities everywhere. These are just a few benefits of shopping there.

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