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By ReebokPrince

Movies made from video games and negative reception

When video games were popular back in the day, nobody imagined that they would become movies. This used to be the other way around, where a video game was created from a movie or book. It is known that a movie will not always follow the way a book was written. Changes seem to always happen from following the book to the movie. There are people who are loyal to books and pan the movie that was made based on that book.

The same thing happens with movies that are made based on a video game. There are several games that were made into movies. Some of the most popular movies did fairly well. The reason some of these movies did not do well is because not everyone plays video games. There is a small percentage of people who play the games compared to the overall population. This is also why "Star Trek" movies do not seem to do well compared to the series.

"Lara Croft, Tomb Raider"

One of the most popular games that was made into a movie is "Lara Croft, Tomb Raider." Not only was the movie good, but the actress who played the character, Angelina Jolie, was a perfect fit for the movie. When you play the game, the character did look a lot like Jolie.

The film received mostly negative reviews. Two movies were made. Jolie received a lot of praise for her performance. The budget for this film was around $115 million. The movie debuted at $48.2 million. It was at No. 1 when the movie came out in 2001.

"Mortal Kombat"

Another movie that started out as a game was "Mortal Kombat." This is the most recognized game that was made into a movie. The game was very popular among young kids. The movie came out in 1995. The movie stayed at the No. 1 spot for three weeks. It made well over $122 million worldwide. There was a sequel and two television series based on the game. Like other movies based on video games, the reception was negative but popular among those familiar with the game.

"Super Mario Brothers"

One of the very first well-known movies based on a video game was "Super Mario Brothers." The game was one of the most popular games that the Nintendo game system ever had. This movie was filmed in New York City and in North Carolina. The budget for this movie was $48 million. The movie grossed $20.9 million at the box office. The reception was negative, just like the others.

"Max Payne"

Another popular game that became a movie was "Max Payne." The game had popular camera shots of bullets moving in slow motion. The movie star who played Payne was Mark Walhberg. This movie was loosely based on the game. This movie came out in 2008. The budget for this movie was around $35 million dollars. The film grossed $85 million at the box office. Just like the other movies mentioned, the reviews were negative. It is interesting to see movies made from games, but they will always get a negative review.

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