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By Kelsey Grindstaff

Mothers Day ideas

We all love our mothers, and we want to show them how much we love and appreciate them. This can make Mothers Day quite a stressful event for some people. "What if she doesn't like what I got her?" "What if this isn't good enough?" So many what-ifs. And what about money issues? Sometimes we know just what we want to get her, but we simply cannot afford it. Well, a few quick reminders: your mother does not want you to go into debt, and your mother just wants to be remembered. With that said, here are a few ideas to keep us debt-free and still show our mothers how much we love them.

Make a card. Some people have more talent at this than others. I can promise that, if you have tried your best, your mother will love it no matter what. However, if you feel like this requires more creativity than you have, write her a letter.

Write about what she means to you. I know this can be difficult for many people, but she will LOVE to hear/read it. As far as creativity goes, your mother will always love anything that you make, even if you are an adult with the crafting abilities of a kindergartener.

Give her flowers. She doesn't care if they are the most expensive roses or just something cute you picked up at the grocery store. In fact, I have simply picked my mother beautiful flowers that were growing in a field. Just knowing that you thought of her is what she wants.

Give her a hug. Your mother would rather have a hug from you than an expensive gift. In fact, even with an expensive gift, she still wants a hug. If you are not a hugger, you don't have to stand there for five minutes. She'll take a quick hug over nothing, I promise.

Tell her you love her. Everybody wants to hear those words, yet it seems like no one wants to say them. We often take for granted the people that we love by not telling them that we love them. Mothers are no exception. Tell her how much you love her. She wants to hear it.

Tell her "thank you." Don't be afraid to thank her for specific things, too. She raised you. She fed you. She changed your poopy diapers. She cleaned up your vomit. She was there for you when you cried. She held you when you didn't feel well. In fact, there was a time in your life when she literally had to do everything for you because you would have died otherwise. She gave you life. Thank her. She wants to know not only that she is loved but that she is appreciated. She wants to know that you know how much she loved you by caring for you all those years and still caring for you now in whatever way she can. Thank your mother. That is probably the biggest gift you can give her — your love and your thanks.

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