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By Bryant Lloyd

Mobile marketing. Get inside your audiences pockets

Over the past year, mobile devices have become the number one platform for consumers to locate information. For brands, this means optimizing for mobile and developing a mobile marketing strategy have become essential. This article will reveal tips and techniques on how to make brands more ‘mobile friendly’ in order to reach more customers.

QR codes

Quick response or QR codes have always been popular in mobile marketing campaigns. They are easy and cheap to set up, and they have a variety of different applications that can be utilized by brands. Some of those applications direct users to a mobile friendly landing page or mobile site, offer customers coupons, and give in-depth information on a product, event, or service.

QR codes are even more effective when used in conjunction with other marketing techniques, allowing brands to maximize their mobile marketing campaign results. It should also be noted that research shows consumers to use QR or barcode scanners as a means of comparison shopping. Typically shopping is done within 10 miles of a shopper’s home, so researching competitor prices and offers is a good idea.

Mobile friendly websites

People are turning to their mobile devices now more than ever to shop, consume, and discover information. To stay relevant, brands need to have an active mobile friendly website that customers can go to during break time at work.

One way brands can make this happen is by creating a mobile version of their current website by utilizing a conversion platform. Alternatively, brands can use plug-ins on a CMS platform such as WordPress or utilize a mobile-first responsive design if they do not wish to manage two separate sites.

Brands must also consider the content on their sites. People use their mobile devices for quick and immediate solutions to their problems. Brands should anticipate the types of questions that their target audiences will have and create short, easily digestible content to answer them.

(Opt-in) text marketing

This is mobile marketing’s equivalent to a mailing list. Asking prospective customers to opt-in, usually by having them text a special phrase to a unique number, in return for special deals or information is the perfect way to get inside a customer’s pocket. Once mobile users opt-in, their contact information will be stored in a database that brands can access allowing companies to message customers at will.

Brands should be tactical and tasteful when implementing this kind of strategy as spamming potential customers can have adverse effects on sales and opt-ins. QR codes can be used in conjunction with text marketing by having the QR code lead users to a landing page that reveals a special offer that they would have to opt-in to receive.

These are just a few techniques brands can use in their mobile marketing campaigns. If you have any techniques to add or any questions please leave a comment below. If you found this article helpful please like and share on your social media accounts so that it can be helpful to others as well.

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