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By Kristy Smolenski Nelson

Metallic dresses make you sparkle A year-round fashionista must have

Metallic dresses! Year round? That's right, they aren't just for Christmas anymore, ladies; they are a fashion trend for this year, and you can wear them all year round. Most of us females can admit the fact that we love shiny, sparkling things, right? Well, why not enjoy yourself in a shiny, sparkling dress from time to time this year? The metallic dress is in fashion as a current trend, and the look is something that offers you choices for the entire year, rather than just a season. So sparkle, shimmer and glow, and enjoy standing out from the crowd in your eye-catching dress.

Be a standout in your dress

One thing is for sure: you are certainly going to stand out from the crowd in this style of dress! The metallic dress makes an impression on just about everybody in the room because most people's eyes are automatically drawn to shiny objects by the nature of evolution. The bottom line is, we just have to look at it if it sparkles. You are sure to get noticed if you go out in a dress like this, and the nice thing is, you no longer have to save it for your favorite occasions; since the style is in, you can wear it anytime, anywhere and everywhere.

Mix and match: add more sparkle to your sparkle dress

Another great thing about the metallic dress is it that it matches other shiny things: it goes great with that little extra sparkle of costume jewelry. The dress is so eye catching you can make the look more simplistic by going plain; but, keep in mind, the sparkles match. So feel free to add. Costume jewelry that contrasts with your metallic dress is an effectively added bit of shine, but make sure it matches your look. Also, while ribbons and belts are usually encouraged as an added dress accessory, be careful in this regard with this dress. Hold off on overdoing the accessories if you are already wearing your costume jewelry. If you do use a belt, use a plain one that is either black or a contrasting match. However, only use a belt or a ribbon around the waist if you forgo the jewelry. For this already eye-catching dress, the last thing you want to do is to overdo it.

The dress for year round fashion

For a year round fashion trend, keep this dress on hand. It is a go-to dress for almost any occasion, and it is certainly going to be your go-to dress if you want to make an impression at your next appearance and stand out. You are bound to look gorgeous, fashionable and trendy with this look. All of that being a bonus to the fact that you will sparkle and shine in front of others.

So, get yourself prepared for this year round trend and pick up a pretty metallic dress today. As a style, it should not be hard to find, and you should be able to locate it at your favorite store.

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