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By Danao

Making money online for beginners

Maybe you’ve decided that it’s time to get rid of that pesky old day job, or perhaps you are looking to bring in some extra income in 2018. Either way, there are many great opportunities for you to make money online. Fortunately, there are enough opportunities that you can choose how you earn your online income according to your passions. Whether you enjoy writing, data entry, taking surveys or creating designs, you are in luck.

The keyboard is mightier than the sword

Let’s start with writing. When you register for Article Document, you will fill out a form with your personal details and your areas of industry expertise. The site allows you to select up to three areas of expertise. You can also connect your social media accounts to help augment your brand value (the sum of your brand reach and brand power, as calculated by Article Document). You’ll then be able to complete qualification writing tests to determine your writing ability on various topics. If you pass the qualification, you’ll be able to complete writing assignments for those industries. Payments are made conveniently using Paypal.

A river of opportunities

Amazon Mechanical Turk is another great option. There are a limited number of writing assignments, but you’ll find more surveys in the mix of “HITs.” HITs are small jobs that a registered worker can accept and complete for payment. You’ll need to be qualified in order to complete a HIT. Some HITs are available for all workers, while others may require more experience and higher ratings. The requester offering the HIT has the opportunity to accept or reject your work, and you will be rated accordingly. Payment is also completed using PayPal. You’ll just need to be sure you have an Amazon Payments account setup. Mechanical Turk also has jobs that require you to take photos, record videos and perform transcription.

Feeling the creativity

Another option for those with some creative skills is 99designs. This site connects designers and those in need of design work. Design contests are held in which you can view the design brief and then create a design to fit what the requester is looking for. You’ll find opportunities for logo designs, book cover designs, animations, t-shirts, packaging and more. The site offers different styles of contests. Some are open, where all designers can see each design submitted, while some are blind, in which designers can only see their own submission. At the end of the contest, the contest holder will choose the design they like best and pay the designer accordingly. Payments on 99designs are made using Payoneer.

As you can see, there are a variety of interesting options for you to pursue your goals of making money online. There are other sites out there for making money online as well, and they are easy to find with a quick search. As always, evaluate each opportunity carefully to make sure it is legitimate. Read online reviews and see what experiences others have had with that particular business or site. When you find one that people like, don’t wait! Start making money online today.

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