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By Selena Uptain

Lost cities and splatter kills " PS3's forgotten gems

The PlayStation 3 (PS3) gaming system was the most innovative system of its time. From high quality graphics to the Sixx-Axis controller, Sony had created the champion of video game systems. However, any good game system requires top notch games to accompany it.

Many games were made since the PS3's creation, but none stand out more in my opinion for the shooter genre than "Jericho."

"Jericho" is a horror/shooter type game that was released in 2006. The story was written by Clive Barker, an undisputed master of horror who is most famous for his motion picture series "Hellraiser." "Jericho" is about a mysterious city in the Middle East where supernatural events are taking place. The player takes control of a special forces unit sent in to investigate these supernatural events. The special forces unit is trained in occult warfare, which is essentially using various types of magic along with the standard guns and artillery.

Two things that stand out the most to me are the characters and the monsters. The characters are unforgettable; each one has their own backstory and special abilities. Father Rawlings, an exorcist and healer, and Cole, a "reality hacker" and bomber, are two playable characters that stood out the most for me. An interesting fact about Rawlings is that he is the only member of the group aside from the player Devin Ross who can heal the other members.

The gameplay is challenging, but it is really fun to switch between abilities. Also, it should be noted that certain characters work better for particular areas. For example, Cole is the best choice for the beginning of "Exorcism" because her grenades are perfect for picking off monsters. The monsters are also spectacular and quite terrifying! You can really tell a lot of creativity was put in the designs. The flying gargoyle ones in the later levels are a bit tough to deal with especially in a swarm. I am particularly fond of Lichthammer's character design; she looks like something straight from a nightmare!

Another fantastic game that went under the radar was the 2010 remake of "Splatterhouse".

"Splatterhouse" was originally an 80s platformer with a distinct "Friday the 13th" vibe. The 2010 remake updates "Splatterhouse" into a hack and slash bloodbath with a killer soundtrack. Everything about this game just oozes fun. I mean, what is more satisfying than the ability to tear off your enemy's limb and beat them to death with it?

The game starts in the mansion of Dr. West. Rick and his girlfriend Jenny visit the place and quickly things become deadly when the Doctor kidnaps Jenny and sicks his pet monsters on Rick. Rick is left bleeding to death and is forced to put on the Death Mask, a possessed mask with a lust for blood. The Death Mask is honestly one of the most entertaining characters, his witty comments might get a tad repetitive but they never fail to amuse.

Two things that make this game stand out for me is the allusions to the movie "Reanimator" and the moments when the game reverts to its platformer roots.

Also, be sure to pick up the journal entries of the Doctor. His descent into madness and the fate of his wife is interesting stuff.

The gameplay is akin to "God of War" or "Dante's Inferno." It has basic hack and slash, but the splatter kills are where the real fun lies. The monsters are pretty interesting too! One of my personal favorites is the boss in part four with twin chainsaws for arms.

In conclusion, "Jericho" and "Splatterhouse" were some of the most enjoyable horror games for the PS3 despite being severely underrated. Try them for yourself, but they are both rated M for mature!

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