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LOOK for earnings not for JOB, Use your SKILL SET not your degree, Use time to EARN not to SEARCH

Job Search:

Job search precedes employment. People keep searching for jobs even if they don’t obtain one immediately. Some people potentially use their skills in an industry which is different from their educational backgrounds. There are many businessmen/women who did not have formal education. These people have invested their skills in earning. They did not search for the job. Rather, they searched for an opportunity through which they can make money.

Skill sets:

Entrepreneurs use their skill sets to occupy themselves. If they had kept searching for a job, who would have been there to create opportunities? Skill set is a talent that is potentially used by a person determining the need of a particular situation. Talent is acquired naturally and it comes without any price. You have to sell your talents. Networking is the most important tool that will help anyone to sell their talents. You have tools that are available online to aid you in selling your talent.

Work from Home:

Many companies offer the flexibility to employees to work from home, but those are for paid jobs. You are going to create jobs and you can do that from the comfort of your home. However, legal regulations as tax registrations, obtaining licences from federal governments, etc., apply to these businesses as well. You are not involving middlemen to deliver your services and you have the opportunity to reduce cost as well. This will give you an competitive edge over others delivering the same services at a higher price.

Honing your skills:

An acting background with a timbre resonating voice will help you very well. You can invest money on recording equipments / software. Web Videos, Commercials, documentaries, audio books etc., all can be launched by you remaining as a freelancer.

Maintenance and repairs of medical equipments is also a skill that you can obtain as a vocational training. This job calls for good hand-eye coordination and steadiness. You need an inner awareness of how things work, to enjoy the job of this kind. There is a physical demand for bending, crouching, standing etc., to do this type of work.

The present digital world gives opportunities for Calligraphy artists. Designing electronic signatures gives the chance for people having cursive writing and fine motor skills. Different fonts and scripts can be used to create company logos, wedding/anniversary invitation cards, menus, place cards etc.

Natural athletes can become fitness trainers. Exercise classes can be conducted in gyms,clubs across countries. As trainers, you can run one-to-one sessions or group classes for 45 minutes to 1 hour. Understanding human psychology, determining fitness level of clients, advising on proper exercise practices etc., are the need for this type of job.

Jobs need skills not degrees:

Our curriculum in schools and colleges should develop more practical skills than theoretical skills. A picture is worth thousand words and to draw this picture practical skill is the needed talent. The supply and demand of labour is also affected by giving only theoretical skills. By having practical skills, you create a job or jobs more than just being employed. You can deliver value addition which is the need of the hour.

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