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By Vermel Thomas

Live longer with health and wellness enrichment

Health and wellness are the key proponents to living life to its fullest. Good health means that you are free of any disease or illness. Wellness goes beyond these boundaries. It stands for health promoting behaviors allowing you to feel at the pinnacle of your potential.

Principles for health and wellness

The typical principles involved in complete health and wellness, includes the following:

  • Nutrition
  • Physical Exercise
  • Emotional and Social Support
  • Sexuality
  • Intellectual Stimulation
  • Spiritual Connection

The whole aspect of health and wellness enrichment is centered around preventative health care. Although the concept and theories in health and wellness are different, they both represent health related principles. Their daily principles are so very closely interconnected, that a person cannot have one without the other.

A healthy life's daily principles

1. Nutrition – eating healthy provides the body with the necessary minerals and nutrients needed for a healthy lifestyle. A daily diet should include one serving of whole grain and four to five cups of fruit and vegetables for physical and mental stamina.

2. Physical exercise – National health organizations suggest that physical exercise at least three days a week can improve your weight, combat diseases (i.e. heart disease), boost your energy levels, improve your mental mood, and so much more in order for you to improve your life. Remember, walking around your neighborhood or gardening counts as exercise.

3. Emotional and social support – Personal relationships are a positive social network. Emotional and social dynamics allow us to create relationship boundaries, thereby encouraging communication, trust and conflict management.

4. Sexuality – Sexual intimacy is good for the mental and physical state for each of us.

5. Intellectual Stimulation – Intellectual wellness allow a person to expand their skills, creativity and knowledge. The end result should be healthy mental growth, better understandings with our environment and life stimulation.

6. Spiritual Connection – Spiritual connections will vary from person to person. Its main goal is about values and moral beliefs. Most paths to spirituality is based on meditation, prayers and affirmations.

To receive the highest benefits from a beneficial health and wellness lifestyle, we must stay mentally and physically fit. To achieve your highest life results, this requires an investment, such as time. Time to establish a balance between the emotional and physical wellness life. Begin by setting positive goals for yourself in each category noted above.

Health and wellness is a step-by-step process

There is not a one size health and wellness fit approach to our growth. A step-by-step process may be required, depending on your personal lifestyle. Simply, take small steps because our habits and life changes will shift. Above all, we need to have a strong foundation which enables us to develop a stress management removal system for a healthier you.

Learn to relax, better sleep and take more time for fun! A life lesson helps in enriching our lives – Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. When you do things for others, like family, friends or neighbors, it turns out to be a great aphrodisiac when you are feeling low. Helping people will make you feel empowered and connected. Take control of your life for a better health and wellness.

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