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By R.J.

Lessons that playing video games have taught me

Video games have the potential to teach people things that they would not think of on their own. Things such as searching, surveying the environment and talking to everyone; it is not uncommon for gamers to forget these valuable lessons.

However, playing a huge amount of games can and does make gamers forget the basics which can ultimately undo their gameplay as well as any goal that they have. Incidentally, video games have taught me a lot of things over the 27 years that I have been playing them.

Be open-minded

One of the most important things that I have ever learned is to be open-minded. Every video game was not created equal or the gameplay to be made to order. Playing video games is all about fun, I did not like "Castlevania: Lords of Shadow" for the PS3 at first.

Keeping an open mind, I played it and I grew to love it. Video games are not about comparing one game to another. I learned that it is all about appreciating the unique qualities of that game such as different item accessibility.

Always take your time

I used to complain about how some games, including role-playing games, were too long, and that it would take me eons to get to the end. I only enjoyed my games when I got to the end of them quickly.

Always take your time. It was one of the most valuable lessons that I ever learned. When I did, I enjoyed my games more. I did not feel a need to rush to get to the end, and I discovered things in a lot of the games that I played as well.

An example of this is finding the gems in "Castlevania: Lords of Shadow." I took my time and explored every aspect of the level that I was on. I found all of the life, light and shadow gems not to mention a few of the "Combat Cross" upgrades.

Search everywhere

There were times when I would worry that I was wasting time on a level trying to find something that was not there or hidden too well, but it is when a gamer takes the time to search everywhere do they gain perspective about the level they are on.

Playing video games and certain games have taught me to search everywhere on a level because that item or weapon of critical importance can mean the difference between life and death. I learned this lesson while trying to find the Steel Arrow in the circus battle in "Shining Force."

Another example of this is when I was trying to find all of the Gorgon Eyes in "God of War: Ascension," only by searching everywhere did I find the Gorgon Eyes and discovered a few other goodies as well; it pays to search everywhere.


Video games teach gamers things that they do not think is possible, video games have been teaching me things for a long time and still do to this day including the lesson that every game is different; no two games are supposed to be or play alike.

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