Learn DIY skills and save hundreds of dollars


In this age of convenience, we forgot how to do even some basic tasks by ourselves and as a result, we have to spend more money to have others do it for us. There are times when it is necessary to hire a professional but for everyday home mishaps, some DIY skills can save money in the long run.


Instead of heading to the tailor or seamstress, you can make alterations yourself by learning sewing skills. Some local community centers, churches, schools and nonprofit organizations might offer free or low-cost sewing classes that are fun and that teach you a lifetime skill. When you know how to sew you make your clothes last longer and you save money.

Minor car repairs

Car owners can learn DIY auto maintenance skills in various ways. Online video tutorials are a good source of help and you can also enroll in car maintenance courses without getting academic credit at a trade school or community college. Your mechanic can also assist by giving troubleshooting tips and how to fix them before the problem gets out of hand. Friends who work on cars can help you learn how to make minor car repairs.


If you're tired of paying high prices for fruits and vegetables at the store, turn your garden into a paradise by planting them instead. All you need are packs of inexpensive seeds, plant fertilizer, water and good soil as well as patience. Keep in mind the kinds of produce that grows the best in your region and the best times of year for growing it. Watch online videos about gardening for beginners and talk to experienced gardeners.

Small plumbing repairs

Everyone should learn how to unclog a stopped toilet or sink, how to eliminate a running toilet and how to turn off the water valve when necessary. You can ask your parents or older siblings to teach you basic plumbing skills, and you can get further instruction with articles and online videos.

Painting and sanding floors or furniture

Painting and sanding are not too hard if you have some books on hand to show you the basics. This saves you money and it builds your creative skills because you are upgrading your home in a way that is fabulous and inexpensive. Most home improvement stores offer discounts on the painting and sanding supplies you need.

Tax preparation

Doing taxes might seem arduous but thanks to tax preparation software, it has become easier to do and you will not need to hire a professional to do them. Make sure you have your W2 forms and other important documents on hand and read all instructions carefully before submitting your tax return.


You will not need to hire a designer if you have basic decorating skills. Shop at thrift stores and arts and crafts stores to buy neat decor items that will make the home look beautiful. There are also books you can read for assistance and loved ones who are skilled at home decor would be willing to teach you these skills. With the above mentioned tasks, you save money and fuel your creativity.


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