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By J.Gwathney

Keep your mind in shape and replenish your cognitive ability

Keep your mind in shape and replenish your cognitive ability

The knowledge that is collected in your memory is useful at different times and in many areas of your life. Learning experiences are constantly happening, which provide an opportunity to absorb more valuable information.

The willingness to learn new things engages the mind which exercises your cognitive ability. You can cultivate the mind's ability by doing puzzles, reading, building vocabulary, and other cognitive games. The enjoyment that you get out of life comes when you are enthusiastic about your interests.

Interactive practices are good for frontal lobe functions that take place in the brain. When your thought process is habitually overwhelmed or preoccupied, it doesn't help promote sufficient mental growth.

Being aware of yourself within an experience is considered mindfulness. The concept of being mindful is much more useful to you than if your mind were wandering. To be able to concentrate on what you are doing, you must be in the moment. Being engaged in any activity requires taking action and interacting with life.

The benefits of mindfulness include reducing stress and depression, and alleviating anxiety. Cognition, while being a collection of what one knows, still needs to be replenished. In the world of neuroplasticity, this faculty is referred to as crystallized intelligence.

By training your brain to adapt, and develop specific habits you can avoid dwell on matters that you are unable do anything about. You can then concentrate more on the issues that will benefit your set of circumstances.

"The brain can grow, change, rewire, repair, and heal itself continually," says Sandra Bond Chapman, author of "Make Your Brain Smarter."

Finding solutions

Constantly revising ideas is important to the brain's growth. Separating information analytically and rearranging it in different ways can help with finding solutions.

Take your time

Pacing yourself as you learn, and also while revising your thoughts, make it possible to digest information comfortably.

Adapting to different situations

Possessing a strong cognitive ability is also having the ingenuity of mind that pulls together the raw materials of the imagination. When you concentrate on what's possible and think less about obstacles, the possibility of success is much greater. Envisioning the worst outcomes will set you on a road of doubt and it will also drain your energy. Being receptive to the possibility of positive outcomes supports and encourages your mind to perceive more positive occurrences.

Exchanging ideas with others

When we share information it has a fundamental quality within the exchange that fits right into the base of human association. Anyone that you interact with engages in what becomes a shared experience. All perspectives provide a different point of view that's unique to an individual in some way, which can lead to a better understanding in how to deal with certain circumstances.


When reflecting on a matter, your awareness is based on what you know. Keeping your mind sharp requires exercise that renews as you obtain skills made possible by what you have learned.

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