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By K Monique

Keep your blog from becoming a ghost town

Halloween is almost here, and many people will take tours of haunted houses and ghost towns. A ghost town can excite many – except when it's your blog. You have placed so much time and energy into your online presence, and it deserves to have content that is engaging and appealing.

Many people think that engaging on social media and sharing social media posts are simple to do, but many business owners quickly realize that it requires more work than they thought. Thankfully, there are various ways you can increase traffic to your social media accounts.

Do you even blog?

One of the essential tools your business can use to engage with current customers and potential customers is blogging. If you have not started a blog, there is no time like the present to get started. However, you do not need just any type of blog posts. You need blog posts that will be so great that people will immediately think, "I have to share this on Facebook and Twitter!"

A new outlet

An engaging blog post is one of the most productive ways to engage with your readers and your social media followers. However, how can you get people to find their way to your blog? Social media! When you create content, post it to social media and encourage people to comment on it and engage with it, you will create discussions that will build your reputation. Once people view your agency as credible, they will eventually depend on your website for trustworthy content. This will eventually lead to you capturing leads in all directions.

Give the people what they want

When you have a blog that regularly creates engaging content that gives value to your followers, you will have something that is worth sharing on social media. Every Facebook share, retweet, etc. has the potential to increase the number of leads going to your website. People want to find readable and shareable content on the web, and when you have a blog, you have the ability to give them exactly what they are looking for.

What's all the buzz about?

When you create engaging content, you also create a buzz for yourself. Your agency can certainly benefit from the conversations that are being pulled into the digital world. People will constantly talk about your agency, share information about it, ask questions and eventually reach out to you because of what they have read on social media. You will see significant growth in your local community as well if you include yourself in the conversation.

Being active and engaging on social media is fun, and it can allow you to engage with all the people who can help make your business a success. There are several creative ways you can use social media and blog posts to build your brand and your reputation and to improve your presence in your local community. Are you ready to fix your social media strategy with engaging posts that will knock the socks off your readers?

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