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By GoddarS

Isagenix weight loss products and dietary supplements

  • Company: Isagenix
  • Founded: 2002
  • Cost: Start up $29.95 (with auto-ship)
  • Brand: Isagenix weight loss products & personal care items

Isagenix is rather well known in MLM marketing. They charge a low start-up fee, but offer only high-priced packages. Unless you know an abundance of people who are in need of the products they offer, you are not likely to make much money. Not only do you need to know a bunch of people, but those people also need to have money to spend and a strong desire to lose weight. In short, Isagenix weight loss products may not be your best choice.

Brief History

Isagenix was founded in 2002 by three people: a gentleman who was in the nutritional supplement business and a husband and wife team with multi-level marketing experience. The company’s main focus is on nutritional products and dietary supplements in the form of protein shakes, meals, diet snack bars and dietary supplements. Over the years, they have also added “cleansing products” and personal care items.

Products & Offers

Isagenix products have high-quality ingredients and they are tested for safety. Isagenix has become popular among the MLM industry and has partnered with over 77,000 people. Whether you are in search of products for weight loss, energy, performance or healthy aging, Isagenix has products in each category. For their weight loss products, you can enjoy their IsoLean shakes and cleansing products. They have a 30-day system that is dairy free.

Included in their energy line are shake and shot packs, coffee and Ionix supreme, which is a nutrient-rich tonic that supports clarity and focus and energizes cells in your body. This also helps to promote weight loss. Depending on which products you purchase, you can end up spending upwards of $800 for one of their product packs. However, single bottles of some of their products start as low as $25 for a 30-day supply.

Isagenix’s philosophy is to “eat it, love it, share it.” If you buy and try the products, it is easier for you to communicate the effects and benefits to potential customers. Loving it goes hand-in-hand with eating it. If you love the benefits/results, you are more motivated to discuss it – and sell it. Sharing ties it all together. Using social media to share your personal weight loss journey will help promote the success of the products.

Isagenix weight loss memberships

If you are on the auto-ship program, your membership fee is $29; if not, then your start-up cost is $39. Associates can purchase Isagenix products for up to 25 percent below retail cost. The majority of people join Isagenix for this reason alone. Approximately 79 percent of Isagenix members did not make any money last year. They only purchased the product for themselves, not to make any kind of commission. There is no minimum sales goals to meet, nor do you receive any products or start-up kits (unless you sign up for auto-ship) upon registration.

A quick internet search turns up a wide variety of reviews on Isagenix. There are many, many success stories. There are also numerous customer reviews on the false advertisement of the product. If you are in the market for weight loss supplements and dietary products, you will need to sift through all the reviews and make your own decision; there is no one review or doctor’s opinion that is going to be able to make that decision for you.

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