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By bricarro

Is marriage worth it in the long run?

You go into marriage not knowing what it holds and what is in store for you, and it is a terrifying feeling. Before I was married, I always said, "I will never get married." Not because I did not want to, but because I was so terrified of growing up, facing the reality of it all and starting my life with someone, away and separate from my mother.
Marriage is not all rainbows and daisies. There are tough times, sometimes moments so tough you do not feel like you can come back from them. My husband and I have been married since April 21, 2012. I lived in Florida and, though I had met my husband in high school, he was in Kentucky, stationed for the Army there.
So, for a few months, I was still living in Florida. I learned that I was pregnant on July 27. Shortly after, I moved to Kentucky, which was a huge emotional roller coaster of changing. I do not do well with change. Once I moved and was settled in, reality hit me. It was so hard to be away from the only home I had ever known. I uprooted my entire life and completely had to start a brand new one.

About a year in, everything was so different. There were, of course, strains, because we had a new child and we had to adapt to the life of parenthood. We had just barely entered into our early years of being 20. Life being married is hard, and when you add kids into that mixture, it really is what makes or breaks you and your marriage.

Later, once my husband was discharged from the Army, we moved back home to Florida,
where we ended up living with my husbands' parents. Tough times call for desperate measures.
Though I thoroughly enjoyed his parents and their company, it does get hard living with parents.

We have been living with his parents since my son was 5 months. We still are, and he is almost 4.
We had a seven-month separation because I was not exactly happy.

Eventually, we worked through that. It is still tough sometimes. I have come to terms that it definitely will not always be butterflies and rainbows or a walk in the park. Our relationship will not always be carefree either, and sometimes it may even seem a little scripted. Every day should be a new day and you should always, always continue dating your spouse and never stop doing what you did to obtain them in the first place.

So I guess If I had to answer the question "is marriage really worth it?" the answer would be it absolutely is worth every bit of happiness and heartache you come upon. Sometimes, you feel like the fight is not worth it anymore. This is when you need to realize you have to commit to better yourself and to help your partner do that also. You cannot walk away without a fight…even when it seems completely hopeless and pointless.

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