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By Christine Strileckis

Is it necessary to have a television in your bedroom?

In this day and age, it is impossible to escape technology. It is in the workplace, on the street, in everyone's pocket, and in the home. Since most technology is relatively new, it is difficult to know when it is useful and when it has unfavorable effects. One of the most common uses of technology today is the television. Many people wonder about the effects of television in the long term, especially since many people have them in their own bedrooms. It may not always be apparent whether it is a good or bad idea to have a TV in the bedroom.

The benefits

Having a television in the bedroom can be beneficial because many people like to unwind at the end of the day, and television provides an entertaining way to do so. It can also transmit a great deal of information at a quicker rate than any other medium. This is a great asset for those waking up in the morning who do not have time to search for information about the weather or traffic. A TV in the bedroom is handy for those who need information quickly.

Additionally, bedrooms tend to be used for a limited amount of things and some people may want to add more to their bedroom with an entertainment center. This will combine all of the comfort in the bedroom with the entertainment that is often only available in a living room. It can also be convenient if there is a TV in two rooms, as multiple members of the family will be able to watch two different programs at the same time.

The disadvantages

Although having a television available in the bedroom has several benefits, there are people who may find that this setup will be detrimental to their goals and comfort. For those who suffer from insomnia, a television in the bedroom may be a bad idea. The mind will begin to associate the room with television instead of sleep, making it more difficult to rest. Additionally, the light from the television will make it difficult for the brain to switch into sleep mode.

Sleep may not be the only thing that suffers from a television in the bedroom. Some couples have found that removing a television from the bedroom can have a wonderful effect on their relationship. Without the distraction, they have more time to spend with each other, leading to a stronger bond overall. Couples also end up going to bed closer to the same time, which will strengthen any connections already present in the relationship.

Many people disagree on whether the overall effect of television is positive or negative. Families have different opinions on whether or not a television belongs in the bedroom. For those favoring convenience, a television in the bedroom may be the right decision. Those who have difficulty falling asleep may be better off watching television in a separate room. No matter the family, the television will certainly be around to entertain for quite some time.

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