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By Andrea Parker

Interior design fabulous finds on a budget

Sometimes, all your home and decor needs to improve it are some fabulous finds. Fabulous finds are really nice interior design accents. They can be discovered at thrift stores, estate sales or even yard sales. You need to make an effort to go out on a regular basis and search for these types of items.

Silver buckets

At first glance, silver buckets may seem appropriate only for the outdoors, but they are very effective home and design accents for indoors as well. Branches, pine cones and candles can all be displayed in silver buckets. They can be used outdoors to light a walkway for special events.

Hanging baskets from the roof

Baskets are available in different shapes and sizes. They can be used to display collectible items from nature such as seashells or pine cones. Use nails or hooks to attach the baskets. The larger baskets should be hung lower than the smaller baskets.

Match fresh flowers to draperies

Fresh flowers bring an air of the outdoors into a home. It looks striking to match fresh flowers to draperies. Instead of attempting to create contrast, try harmonizing the flower hue with the curtains. Place fresh flowers in a vase on an end table in front of the richly-colored draperies.

Bowls of peaches and green apples

A bowl of fresh fruit on the table is a welcoming sight. Peaches and green apples look very well together but really any fruit combination works. They look nice on the kitchen table or dining room table. They can also be displayed on a buffet side table effectively.

Woven bread baskets

One of the symbols of abundance is a bread basket. This is because bread is known as the staff of life. Woven bread baskets are a warm and welcoming sight on a dinner table. A bread basket is also a practical item, as guests reach for the bread basket time and time again. Collect them in all different sizes to accommodate various types and sizes of breads.

Shaker pegs

Shaker pegs are a useful home and decor accessory. They are highly practical and can be used in any room. Pictures and other items can be hung on them. Some people put keys on them so that the keys don't become lost.


Maps have historical as well as decorative value. Many find maps to be highly collectible and some are more ornate than others. They can easily be framed and should be laminated at the least to prevent them from being destroyed. Maps from different time periods are all drawn differently so they can be interesting as a collectible item.

Once you get accustomed to bargain hunting and know what to look for, you will discover fabulous finds on your own. Keep an eye out for items such as silver buckets and tiles. Silver buckets are a terrific accent if you can find them. Will these fabulous finds be featured in your home?

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