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By Katherine Holitik

Increasing trend of cloud services

Increasing trend of cloud services will create adding power to global connectivity

Businesses of all sizes and descriptions today have already found a huge economic advantage in cloud computing. These businesses adopt a cloud computing strategy either based on building their own cloud, buying cloud services or becoming the cloud providers. Whichever direction a business decides to take, laying out a cloud strategy is as key as writing a business plan for that budding entrepreneur.

Advent of technological evolution

The history of technological evolution can be traced back when man began to focus more on mental capabilities more than physical strength to design new forms of life. Coined by the Czech philosopher Radovan Richta, technological evolution has grown to make more sense of Richta's definition. Cloud services have now made it clear that any business will be faced with the need to finding alternative storage solutions. Cloud computing under a secure interconnected IT infrastructure will be the focus of the future business operations in what is really a technological evolution.

Handling critical business data

Cloud computing security has been the main concern of critics around the business networks. However, just like there may be loopholes and malicious individuals out to destroy others, there are even more experts working every day to counter attack the challenge of data security on virtual servers forming the main cloud storage space for information.

Huge reduction in expenditure on it infrastructure

Cloud services provide very economical storage solutions for organizations, thus reducing the cost they would have otherwise incurred if they were to use hardware for storage of the huge amounts of data they store in the clouds. Cost reduction is also evident in On-Demand Computing (ODC), a very economic storage solution.

Facilitates instant deployment of new servers

In cloud computing, there is no limit to the number of virtual servers you can deploy for your information management. Businesses and individuals have the options of either developing their own cloud storage services or buying space from already existing cloud servers.

On-demand computing and storage facility

ODC as is commonly referred is a model of cloud computing which involves allocation of resources on an as-needed basis. This means that when users need to access specific information, resources on the virtual server are allocated to the users only when they require them. This leads to huge savings compared to purchasing these resources outright.

A cloud strategy is essential for any business entity today to realize reduced costs and improved efficiency, thus automatically boosting profits, too. Cloud computing has begun to gain mass appeal in business data centers because it enables the data center to operate more like the Internet through virtual resources in a secure and scalable manner.

Small businesses enjoy cloud services because of the time and money they are able to save while staying even more relevant. This is mainly because the small business entities do not have the time and money to build big IT infrastructures and storage spaces.

In cloud computing, start-ups and other small businesses are able to access these resources and manipulate various services as demanded by business needs change. Today, businesses are employing all kinds of cloud services, like computing, customer, accounting, relationship management, human resource management and many more.

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