Importance of father figures to those without fathers


When children grow up without fathers, it becomes challenging to stay on the right path, although many fatherless children succeed despite the tough circumstance. If you're a single mother and interested in giving your children a positive male role model, look at some people you know who might be good father figures based on their character. These include grandfathers, older brothers, uncles or male cousins. They might also include pastors, teachers or community service workers. Here is why father figures are important.

Father figures offer important life skills

One reason father figures are important is that they can teach the children important life skills that the mothers are not always able to teach. For example, if you are not skilled in tasks such as fixing a leaky faucet, fixing a flat tire, or minor home improvements, the father figures in your children's lives can help them learn these skills. Your brother is a car mechanic and your teenage son now has a car. Your brother can help him understand car maintenance.

They reduce a child's chances of crime involvement

According to research from Fatherhood Involvement Research Alliance, children who have good relationships with father figures are less likely to commit crimes. When your child knows he is loved unconditionally and respected by his father figures, he feels safer and is less likely to seek approval from the wrong crowd.

Father figures give discipline and encouragement

There are times when mothers find it difficult to discipline strong-willed children alone. In these situations it helps to have father figures around who can offer the right kind of discipline that the child needs so that the child will know that certain boundaries must not be crossed. The discipline also teaches the child respect for authority. In addition, father figures often give encouragement to children. They strive to push the children towards excellence and integrity, and this is great for a child's well-being.

They become role models for daughters in particular

We are aware of the importance of father figures for sons, but daughters also benefit from a close relationship with a father figure. They learn how men are supposed to treat them, and they learn their first lessons of what it means to feel protected and accepted for who they are. When daughters have this foundation, they can make wise dating choices as they grow up.

Father figures are just so much fun!

When I was growing up, my stepfather was the fun parent. He used to do funny dances around the house, sing, and talk about serious issues in fun ways. Father figures can have fun with their kids in ways that mothers are not always able to do because of work and household demands. Children need a sense of humor in their lives and father figures provide this. Even now, I enjoy the humorous playtimes that my dad has with my little girl.

Father figures contribute a lot to a child's life. If you are blessed to have some around, call and thank them for their love and support.


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