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By Thea Theresa English

Ideas for employee benefits that your staff will enjoy

As a business owner, you know the importance of satisfied employees as well as happy customers. When deciding on the best employee benefits, think about what their needs are and what they might want as part of a benefit package. You can give employees a survey to get an idea of which employee benefits they would want.

Flexible work hours

Since some employees have families and other commitments, why not offer more flexible hours? Every Friday you can let the employees work from home or if your company operates on holidays, give employees with families all holidays off. This shows that you care about their personal lives.

Interest-free loans for computers

For the employees who need a new computer, you can assist them by offering them interest-free loans so that they will be able to afford the computer. This is especially a good idea if the majority of your employees work from home. For example, some of your workers are freelancers who are just building their client base. A new computer could help them greatly.

Community college reimbursement

Since some of your employees might be interested in returning to school, you can help them by offering them tuition reimbursement for community college education. This would be helpful for employees who work in sectors of retail, cosmetology, childcare, the food service industry and the hospitality industry. This is a great way to show your employees that you care about their desire for education.

Wellness programs

An employee's health affects his productivity so it would make sense to incorporate wellness programs into your benefits package. Aside from offering them health insurance, you can give them discounted gym memberships and special discounts on purchases at health food stores in the area. In addition, you can hold seminars on the job where employees will learn about preventing major illnesses.

New parent package

Your company already offers parental leave and maternity leave, but why not add other perks to create a useful new parent package? Offer new parents at the company up to $500 worth of baby supplies to help them get started on their journey. They can use this bonus to pay for formula, diapers, car seat or stroller, baby clothes and other items. Another idea would be to give each new parent a $100 bonus specifically for opening a savings account for the new baby.

Public transit passes

This would be especially helpful for employees who don't drive to work. Monthly passes can be costly and if you want to ease the commuting costs for employees, this is a great perk to give them. In addition, you can create guides to let the employees know which routes get them to work and home the quickest.

Employee benefits are a way of letting your staff members know you appreciate their service to your company. These benefits also exist to improve the well-being of your employees long term. This is the case with the wellness programs. These benefits help you retain employees and this means a stronger reputation for your company.

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