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By Thea Theresa English

How your little ones can enjoy the last day of school

Your children worked hard all school year and on the last day of school before summer vacation, you and the kids want to have a great time for a few hours. The sky is the limit when it comes to choosing activities, and you can get your children's input when deciding what to do. If your children are of different ages, consider this factor as well.

Pool party

Have your kids call some of their friends over and invite them to your home for a pool party. The guests can bring their own swimsuits and toys that they can play with while in the pool. Play some upbeat music for everyone to dance to and play fun games that are appropriate for kids of all ages. Some good meals to serve at a pool party include grilled chicken tacos, burgers, potato chips, finger sandwiches and brownies.

Clothes shopping at thrift store

If your kids love to buy new outfits, you can do something different and bring them to the local thrift stores to get new clothes for the summer. The thrift stores near the affluent sections of town offer more brand name clothing than the ones in other areas of the city. To make sure that you do not overspend at the thrift store, take inventory of the clothes that the kids already have and write a list of the items that they need more of.

Road trip to nearby city

This is a neat way to enjoy the last day of school. After school ends, pack some portable snacks that will not spoil easily in bags for the kids along with gadgets and music to entertain themselves with while in the car. Or if you want a no-gadget road trip, use your time in the car to share stories, sing or take a nap. Before the trip, plan an itinerary of places you will visit.

Board games

If the last day of school is stormy, you and the kids can play board games for prizes. Tell the kids the rules of the games and which prizes the winners will receive. Take breaks in between games to discuss family history, school life and dating if the kids are teenagers.

Visit grandparents

Most kids enjoy time with their grandparents so you can hang out with your parents on the last day of school. Have your parents take out old photo albums to let the kids see, and you can help your parents cook the meals that the kids love whenever they visit. You can also watch movies together.

Dancing through the decades

Another idea is to have a dance party that reflects major periods in your family's history. If you and your spouse married in 1995, you can put on some upbeat tunes from that year and dance with the kids. Or if your parents took a trip to France for the first time in the early '80s, you can play some '80s music for everyone to rock to.

With these suggestions, your kids' last day of school does not have to be boring.

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