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By Thea Theresa English

How you can cut down on food waste with these tips

Food waste does not just waste food – it is also a waste of money, since you use money to purchase the food. Food waste happens when we buy more food than we actually eat, and as a result we have to throw the spoiled food away. Being resourceful in the home is important in eliminating food waste, and there are several ways to do this. One thing you can do is go through your pantry and write down a list of the items you are low on so that you will not buy excess food staples. Here are additional tips.

Get creative with leftovers

Another strategy of cutting food waste is to get creative with the leftovers you have. If you have a big pot of chili from last night, you can make several meals from this for the week. Some meal ideas include spaghetti with chili, sloppy joes, chili macaroni and Parmesan cheese, burgers with chili on top or lasagna made with the leftover chili. This reduces the need for going to the store.

Store food properly

This is important in cutting food waste. For example, you do not want to store bread in the refrigerator, because this causes the bread to dry out and get stale. Instead you should store the bread in a medium sized bread bin with a lid on top. Purchase some books that deal with food storage and watch online videos on the topic.

Can your fruits and vegetables

Food preservation reduces waste, and one of the best ways to do this is by canning your fruits and vegetables. By canning your produce, it will last longer, and you will not have to waste money on canned fruits and vegetables from the supermarket. You will need to buy some inexpensive canning jars from the dollar store, and then you fill the jars with the fruits and vegetables. Put lids on the jars, and then you will boil the jars in water until the lids are properly sealed.

Organize the kitchen periodically

This is another great way of reducing food waste. Move your oldest cold food items to the front of the refrigerator so that you can use them before they expire. You would also do the same thing with the dry goods in your cabinets. Toss out all expired foods from the pantry.

Make friends with the freezer

Freeze-ahead meals are excellent for reducing food waste. Prepare some neat freezer meals on Sunday or Monday, and then store these in freezer bags for reheating later in the week. You can also cut up vegetables and fruits, then store these in freezer bags for later use. This is a frugal way to enjoy meals during the week.

Say no to kids' requests at times

Your kids are in the store with you and they ask for all kinds of snacks, even when you know that they might get tired of them within the next few days. You need to set boundaries with them and say no to their requests at times. By doing this, you are teaching them about delayed gratification. With these strategies you can cut back on food waste.

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