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By Gilda Armendi

How to start your blog to get more website log-ins

So, you want to start a blog? The perfect time is now; there are more than 72 million people using software such as the popular and easy-to-use WordPress to begin their blog experience for their personal endeavors, their company or writing blogs for others.

Utilizing the right software and strategy are two ways to be successful in starting your blog for your business or for personal reasons.

Communicate better as a blogger

As a blog writer, not only will blogging give you experience as a writer in this hi-tech world, but blogging also serves as a way to communicate how and what is going on in your life, company or whatever your trying to express to your target audience.

For instance, if this is for your business, you will enhance your writing and communication skills as you blog daily, weekly or even monthly. With a blog for a business website, you can use any product or service topic related to your business. In other words, you pick your subject to write about or hire someone who can write for you.

In one case – if you sell hats and accessories for instance – a great topic for a blog article can be from where and how hats originated, then lead in to some of the hats you sell, which may be categorized by style or relative fashion you have mentioned at the beginning of your blog article.

Those who visit your blog pages can leave you feedback which will, in turn, begin the cycle of visitors to your website. Also, enrolling in Google Adsense can enhance your monetary value for your website.

Who is going to read my blog?

Once you have picked the reason, the theme and the purpose of your blog article, you will be well on your way in becoming a blogger for yourself or your company. Invite friends, relatives and even co-workers to start the "spin on the blog replies," which will give you so much feedback, you may not be able to respond to all of them. Although, you will get the insights, critiques and maybe even some "kudos" for your subject matter.

Most recently, companies such as NASA and even higher institutions are using blogs to attract their visitors attention. Naturally, they are using WordPress as a platform to write their blog – it's free, has various themes, add-ons, plug-ins and layouts, is easy to set up and is secured.

Interesting facts on blogging

Some interesting facts about blogging – people who blog get 97 percent more traffic and in-bound links to their website. Ninety percent of businesses that blog on a daily basis will, in fact, recruit at least one customer or more because of their blog posts. Eighty percent of online users in the U.S. actually trustthe blogs they read. It is actually one of the most popular things to read amongst 20-35 year old Internet users, that is approximately 50 percent of the blogging population total.

Finally, over 61 percent of consumers in America that go online and read blogs end up purchasing products from companies because of the recommendations made by blog posts; so, begin your first blog today and see a difference in your website traffic. It will do wonders for your company, as well as your communication skills if you do not know how to with family, relatives, and, yes, even them co-workers.

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