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By Dawn Priebe

How to open a wine bottle without a corkscrew

Need to open a wine bottle and don't have a corkscrew? Even the most organized person may inadvertently find themselves without one when it is needed most. Have no fear, although a corkscrew is far more convenient, there are other ways to crack open that bottle of wine.

Be careful when using any of these methods as breaking the bottle will put a damper on the party. Clean tools are also a must.

Other ways to open a wine bottle

Grab the toolbox – A well-supplied toolbox will have the cork out in no time. Ideally, a large screw and hammer or pliers will work best. Turn a screw into the cork leaving the top 1/2" out. Using either the claw of a hammer or pliers grab the top of the screw and pull out the cork. If a screw isn't available, take three to five finishing nails and pound them into the cork in a line leaving enough room to grasp the top of the nails with the claw end of the hammer.

J hook – Don't have a toolbox? Grab the nearest J hook (the kind of hook that you typically hang bikes with) and screw into the cork using the hook to pull the cork out.

Bottle in the shoe trick – Looking for a more colorful way to open the wine bottle? Use the bottle in the shoe trick. Place the bottom of the wine bottle in the heel of a sturdy shoe. Pound the heel of the shoe against a solid surface. After a few hard pounds, the cork should be out far enough to grasp and remove.

Use a serrated knife – Carefully insert a long, serrated knife into the cork. Twist and pull the knife and cork out of the wine bottle.

Pump the cork out – A bicycle pump will make short work of the cork. Insert the needle all the way into the cork, and pump air into the bottle until the cork is out.

Open the bottle with a house key – insert the key at a 45-degree angle on the edge of the cork. Grabbing the top of the key, twist the key and the cork around until they pop out of the bottle.

Toothbrushes aren't just for brushing teeth – Don't care if the cork drops into the wine? Then the toothbrush may be a good option. Push downward using the handle of the toothbrush until the cork falls into the wine.

Wire hanger – Put those spare wire hangers in the closet to use as a corkscrew replacement. Straighten the hanger top. With a plier, make a small hook at the top. Insert the hanger in between the cork and the bottle until it's inserted all the way. Hook the cork with the hanger and pull up while slightly twisting.

Knotted string – Last but not least, use a thick, clean string, such as a shoelace with a knot tied in the end. Bore a hole into the cork. Push the string all the way down until it is inside the bottle. Pull the string and the cork out of the bottle.

Any one of these options should solve your corkscrew dilemma

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