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By Johnny Jasmin

How to create a photo book and why you want one but don't have a reason to get one

A photo book might seem like an outdated and unnecessary item to have because of the convenience of digital photographs but it just feels right to have a physical version of those photographs.

Process of creating a photo book

In the past creating such a book was a daunting and a rather expensive process because it had to be specially ordered and prepared by a professional. Today creating one is as easy as typing keys on a computer, literally. There exists a whole host of websites that offer the service for next to nothing, such as SnapFish. All it takes it to gather the photos you wish to make the book with and upload them to SnapFish. SnapFish then gives you the option of choosing what order the photos are in and how you want the cover and back of the book to be designed. When these tasks are complete just wait for it to arrive in the mail.

Why would you want a photo book?

Do you really need another reason to make way other than how convenient and fun it is? OK, fair enough. Traditionally, almost every family kept a photo album in the house. A photo book is the modern photo album. Photo albums are big, bulky and have to be handled carefully to avoid damage because they are often fragile. Photos in a photo album have the tendency to fade or discolor over time. The printed pages of a photo book are the same as a magazine so they do not have to be handled in any special manner or stored in any particular way to avoid damaging the photos.

A photobook can be customized in a seemingly endless number of ways. Some examples of customization available include the size of photos, the layout of the book, the option for captions, etc. That way if it is meant to be a gift for a birthday, wedding, anniversary, etc., it can be personalized and tailored to the individual person in any way you see fit. Although a photo book is for photos, it is an inexpensive way to publish your own book for personal use. Some of those uses could be to create your own do-it-yourself guide on a project you created, a learning tool for a child, a display portfolio for a bakery or other restaurant to show options to customers, and endless more. Photo books also have a way of taking the pressure off when entertaining guests. The host does not have to hold as heavy a conversation when everyone is reminiscing while looking at photos.

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