How homeschooling parents can make lessons more interesting


Homeschooling is a great way for parents to bond with children and to pass along their values. But there are times when homeschooling gets boring and you are in a rut. The solution is to find new approaches to your teaching that will challenge and get the attention of your kids. Talk with other homeschooling parents to get suggestions and incorporate these into your curriculum.

Leave the house for a few hours

One good idea for homeschooling families is to leave the house for a few hours. Go on activities that reinforce what you teach the kids at home. For example, if you are currently teaching them American history in the 19th century and major events during that time, take them to the local library and read some materials that pertain to that era. If you need time for recreation after hours of teaching, take them to places such as restaurants, ice cream shops or the park.

Let kids choose some of the topics

Lessons should not be one-sided and one way to add fun to your homeschooling is to let the kids choose some of the topics they are interested in. For example, your 10-year-old might want to learn more about biblical theology and the history of Christianity. Take a break from the usual curriculum and spend a few days discussing these with your child. Another child might be interested in learning about art history. Incorporate this into your lessons.

Make songs out of your lessons

Kids love music so when teaching lessons, use music to make it fun. If you are teaching proper and common nouns, create a song that helps them distinguish between these types of nouns. During the first half of the song sing examples of common nouns and in the second half of the song sing examples of proper nouns. While singing use visuals to give them a mental picture of what you are teaching.

Understand your child's learning style

Every child learns differently so you want to figure out what his learning style is. Some children are more visual learners while other children learn the best through memorization and hands-on activities. An understanding of this makes homeschooling better for everyone.

Apply lessons to real life situations

This is an excellent way to make lessons real to the kids. If you are teaching money management, have the kids sit with you and your spouse as you create the month's budget. Show them how much you earn and the monthly expenses. Tell them that when they leave lights on unnecessarily, they cause the light bill to go up. Talk to them about how you have a savings account because you need to put aside funds for emergencies and long term financial goals.

Homeschooling does not have to be tedious if you follow the above-mentioned tips. Participate in a homeschool support group because it connects you with other homeschooling families. Share any creative ideas with members and attend events they hold in the area.


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