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By ReebokPrince

How God helped Chuck Noland In "Cast Away"

The movie "Cast Away" showed a man's determination to stay alive and sane during his four years stranded on an island. The man, Chuck Noland – portrayed by Tom Hanks – had no idea how long he was going to be trapped and disconnected from society. The character called "Wilson" helps Noland stay sane. It is like having an imaginary friend to talk to.

Although this was not a biblical movie, there were biblical elements to the story. God actually helps with Noland's survival. While the plane was on its way down, God gives Noland the idea of using the inflatable raft. After the crash, Noland washes up on the island. That was not coincidence.

The character of Chuck Noland comes across as someone who would not have the smarts to survive. That is what he did in this movie. It was all God. After the crash, Noland recovers packages from that had washed ashore from the FedEx jet. He saves them. He knows he will need them later.

The island has food provided. The only real food was the coconuts. Noland figures out how to make fire. Just rubbing who sticks together did not work. When he added what looked like packaging material to the crack in the wood, he was able to get embers going along with figuring out that the crack in the wood allowed air to give better combustion for the start of the fire.

God directed him to use the packaging material. He supplied the video tapes to use for the building of the raft, along with the skin of those trees which could have been mimosa trees. He makes rope out of the skin. The ice skates became useful as tools like the ax he used to cut on the trees. This was also god.

The photo on one of the packages that showed the wings stuck in Noland's mind throughout the time on the island. After four years on the island, God brings in the half portable potty that he used for a sail. He had trouble getting over that first big wave at the beginning of is life on the island. The portable potty became the sail to get over that big wave. That was God, without question.

God provided the shift in the wind and gave a signal to tell Noland that it is now time to leave the island. At the end of the movie, where Chuck is talking to his friend about it giving him a sail and that he was to keep breathing because the sun will rise. It was actually God he was talking about. God not only helps godly people, but He can help people who do not follow him or believe in him.

He also loses the woman who would have been his wife if the crash never happened. The woman in the truck that had that wing symbol on the back: The package that had the wings belongs to her. Chuck delivered it and then ran into her at the intersection. It looks like God was putting a new woman in Chuck Noland's life.

This movie shows how God had his hand in Chuck's life even if he did not know it.

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