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How can watching television affect a persons health

There are a vast number of reasons why too much television is considered detrimental to one's health. One among them that will be explained, however, is the catalyst for many health concerns. Watching television in moderation is quite acceptable, but taken in excess television can promote serious health concerns.

One of the largest risks that can promote further health concerns comes from the sedentary nature of watching television. Most individuals that watch excessive amounts of television will do so while sacked out on the couch or slumped in their favorite chair. Extended inactivity can affect the body in many ways, not the least of which is the increase in weight gain.

When in motion the body is burning energy and calories. Staying active promotes healthy living, while remaining stuck on the couch watching one show after another enables the opposite effect. Not only does the level of activity help to keep a body healthy, it can also lower the risk of diabetes, which is a very serious condition that remaining sedentary can cause.

As a person remains active the enzymes in the blood allow the body to break down fats and sugars in the blood. When sitting for too long the muscles begin to idle. When the muscles are allowed to relax for too long, they fail to release the necessary enzymes to break down any fats and sugars that have been recently ingested. This can cause the very high risk of diabetes to occur if an individual engages in such sedentary behavior too often. Various studies have deemed that it is necessary to stand up for at least two minutes for every 20 that an individual remains seated to keep the muscles in good working order.

On top of diabetes, several other problems can be linked to sedentary behavior and the very real danger of obesity. Breathing problems can develop because of the extra weight that the body must support. Joint pain and injury can occur as that same added weight begins to wear upon the more delicate areas such as the knees, the elbows, and even the hips. Back pain can result from weight gain as well, as the lower back primarily must accommodate for the weight gain. There are a wide variety of side effects that come from being glued to the television for too long. Fortunately, many of them are avoidable by standing up and moving around for a short amount of time.

There is no definitive study that will make a claim that television is inherently bad for anyone. What will be said is that television, like everything else, should be taken in moderation. Three hours or more a day is often seen as excessive. If an individual sits down to watch a program it is considered wise to stand and perform an activity every so often. If nothing else, it will keep the body active enough to continue functioning. Too much television won't necessarily cause a person's demise, but it can speed up the process.

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