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By Thea Theresa English

Here is your organized wedding checklist

You just got engaged and now it's time to plan the wedding of your dreams. You should be organized in your wedding planning but also allow room for flexibility should changes happen during the planning process. Here are some tips on putting together an organized wedding checklist.

What you should do a year before the wedding

You and your fiance should develop an organized idea of how you want the wedding and reception to be. You might find inspiration from bridal magazines, friends who recently married, local bridal boutiques or vintage weddings from the past. This is also the time when you will create a budget for the wedding and choose wedding party members. You should start looking for a venue and create a list of potential guests.

Eight to seven months

This would be the time when you hire all servicepersons for the wedding and they include the caterer, DJ for your reception, florist, baker, and photographer. Once you have these persons in place, you're not as stressed about who will perform these important services. This is also the time when you and the bridesmaids will buy a dress while the groom and groomsmen purchase their tuxedos. Once all of this is done you can book some hotel rooms for guests.

Seven to five months

Use this time to pick your wedding cake and meet with the officiant for the wedding. Premarital counseling can be completed during this time and you can choose the place where the rehearsal will take place. During this time your maid of honor will get started on planning the bridal shower and you and your fiance might start a bridal registry. You and your bridesmaids will probably have dress fittings and have alterations made if necessary.

Three to two months

During this time you are meeting with the caterer to sample different meals and decide which ones will be served at the reception. By this time you may have planned your honeymoon together. You would pick your hair stylist and discuss which styles you might be interested in. You should also touch bases with your florist, DJ, photographer and videographer.

One month

During this time you can apply for a marriage license and confirm your appointment with the stylist on the date you select. You are also finalizing payments to your servicepersons and planning the seating for the wedding and reception.

Week before the wedding

You and the bridal party would pick up dresses and tuxedos and you might also relax by visiting the spa or taking a small road trip with your bridesmaids. You should give your guest list to the caterer so that he will know how much food to serve at the reception. You could also pack clothes for your honeymoon.

Planning a wedding can be stressful but with hard work and support from others, you can have a beautiful and organized wedding that everyone will talk about. While planning the wedding, take time out for yourself and reduce stress by delegating some tasks to loved ones.

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