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By Kenneth Baker

Health insurance program for children

Children are the most vulnerable members of our society and it is up to the parents of children to ensure that they are properly covered with adequate health insurance for children. Children can be covered under low cost or free medical insurance if the family lives in a state that participates in the CHIP program.

What is CHIP health insurance for children?

CHIP is the Children's Health Insurance Program, which provides health coverage to over seven million children in the United States under the age of 19. In order to qualify, children must be U.S. citizens or immigrants that are eligible for this coverage. This coverage is designed to cover routine medical health check-ups, dental care, x-ray services, lab testing, immunizations and hospital care. The program covers preventative care for free because this is a way to help children stay healthy.

Some recurring health issues are also covered under the plan including asthma and ear infections. If a child is suffering with these kinds of issues, they require regular medical care to prevent them from becoming seriously ill. Parents are responsible for the health of their children, but that can be difficult when health care is too costly for them to afford to enroll in so that their children have proper health coverage. If a child requires medication for a chronic condition, they often go without if their parents cannot afford to purchase it for them. CHIP takes care of that.

All states participate in this program, but it varies between states. It is important for anyone who wants more information to go to the CHIP web page and select their specific state in order to learn more about coverage and limitations of coverage. Affordable premiums are available for families with an income under $47,100 per year; some states have a higher income limit for eligibility.

Why is health insurance for children important?

When a family knows that their child is covered under a state health insurance plan, they are more likely to take their child to a doctor that they trust for health care. The child receives all of the appropriate preventative medical care that they require to remain healthy and grow up with a good chance of lifelong health. Children are the future of the country and it is important to look after their health now as an investment in that brighter future.

Lower income families

CHIP is designed for families who have lower incomes and may not have access to health care. Some families do have coverage under their employment, but this is an option for families with incomes generally under $48,000 per year. If a family's income is in that range or slightly higher, they should still inquire if they are eligible by filling out the required application and providing relevant information and documentation.

If a family is interested in finding health insurance for children, there is a lot of information available through toll free telephone numbers and websites. Information is free, and it is definitely worth checking into that information to determine eligibility of the family in the health insurance program.

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