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By Thea Theresa English

Gifts for the new moms in your life

New moms are often exhausted while caring for their babies in the initial weeks after childbirth. While they are glad to receive visitors, there are other meaningful things you can do to show your care for the new moms. A phone call or a beautiful card with a heartfelt message is always great. Here are additional gifts for new moms:

Infant carriers

Some babies are more clingy than others and for the new mom who needs to tackle other household duties, an infant carrier is a lifesaver because it keeps mom and baby close while the mom does things around the house. Look for a carrier that will hold an adequate amount of weight to get the baby through his first year.

Homemade frozen meals

For many new moms, cooking is the last thing they want to do. You can prepare meals in bulk then freeze them before wrapping them in decorative boxes and presenting them to the new moms. Some nice freezer meals include lasagna, chicken stew, seasoned ground meat, chicken tenders, fettuccine, mashed potatoes and grilled vegetables.

Gift of babysitting

New moms with older kids sometimes feel bad that they cannot give the older kids as much attention as they would like during the first few weeks of the baby's life. You can offer to watch the older kids periodically on days when the mom needs a few hours of rest while caring for the baby.

Scrapbook and digital camera

The new mom will be sentimental as she sees the major milestones in the baby's first year of life. Help her document these sweet memories with a scrapbook and digital camera. A scrapbook will last for many years and the new mom can share the photos with her child and future grandchildren.

Bulk purchases of formula and diapers

New moms can never have too much formula, if they're not breastfeeding, and diapers. These are practical gifts you can give her during the first few months of the baby's life. The best places to buy bulk diapers and formula are wholesale stores and online baby stores. Online auction sites also sell bulk baby items.

Gift cards to mom's favorite stores

In the first few weeks of the baby's life, the new mom might not feel like going to the mall but she will miss her favorite stores. Bring her gift cards so that she can shop online when she has free time during the day. This gives her the opportunity to relax and have alone time.


Another great gift you can give to the new mom is the gift of housecleaning. Spend a weekend cleaning a few rooms in the new mom's house and organize them so that they will be less cluttered. This enables her to focus more on bonding with the baby.

With the birth of a child, moms take on a lot of duties. With these practical and meaningful gifts, you help them take better care of themselves and the baby. These gifts also reduce some of the stress new moms face.

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