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By Thea Theresa English

Gift basket ideas for people of every personality

Gift baskets might seem unoriginal and generic, but actually you can personalize them to fit the interests of those who will receive them. Observe what your loved ones talk about a lot and this will give you an idea of what they might want in a gift basket. You can also make some of the gifts yourself depending on the theme of the gift basket.

Gardener gift basket ideas

So your grandfather is an avid gardener and he was the one who gave you a love for planting veggies? Show him your appreciation by presenting him with a garden themed gift basket. Some items you can include in the basket are packets of seeds, gardening magazines, plant fertilizer, gourmet crackers, wind chimes and some gloves. A sun hat can also be in the gift basket.

Empty nest package

If you know a couple whose children have moved out recently, you can give them a nice gift basket to cheer them up. This basket can include tickets to an upcoming concert from their favorite artist, a bottle of a certain champagne that the have never tried before, gift cards to their favorite shops and photo frames for them to place their children's most recent photos in.

Toddler playtime gift basket

Say your niece just turned three years old and you want to give her fun playtime gifts in a basket. Place some picture books that have fun storylines and interesting characters in the basket because this builds your niece's language development. Other gift ideas include flashcards, toy phone, building blocks and puppets.

Upscale gift basket for the frugal friend

Maybe your friend lives a frugal lifestyle and does not like to splurge on pricey things. You can splurge for her birthday by giving her a basket filled with upscale items such as imported cheeses from Europe, certificate to some well-known fancy restaurants in town, gift cards to clothing stores she normally doesn't visit, and fancy jewelry.

Hairdresser appreciation basket

Your hairdresser keeps you looking fresh all year long and a gift basket can show her some love. The basket can include herbal teas, bags of gourmet coffee, gift certificate for local spas, some scented candles, body washes and a manicure set. A T-shirt with funny hairdressing slogans can also be in the basket.

Gift basket for the new stay-at-home mom

For your older sister who just became a new stay-at-home mom, a gift basket would be appreciated. Some items you can put in the gift basket for her include a gift subscription to her favorite magazine, a blank scrapbook for her to put photos and mementos in, fancy slippers, homemade baked treats and a digital camera.

These gift basket ideas work for people with a variety of interests and they can also be inexpensive. Your loved ones will appreciate the way you thought about them and they can create their own memories with these gifts. Be sure not to purchase the pre-packaged gift baskets as they are not too original.

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