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By Joy Wilson

From dull to bright, a simple transformation

Adding light to a space is a great way to transform it and take it to a whole new level. Light is uplifting, and a light, airy space brightens a person's mood as well as their home. A sleek, modern look can be polished off by letting a little more light into your space, and a classical style can be elevated using a few simple rules of thumb.

A coat of paint

The first thing to consider in adding more light to a room is the color of the room itself. Darker colors, like brown or blue, can overwhelm light. The dominant color closes off the room, making the whole thing seem dark. Painting the room a lighter color can make a world of difference.

A set of drapes

Sometimes the easiest thing to do to lighten a space is to change the curtains. Thick drapes, or even drapes with a dominating color or pattern, can limit the amount of natural light coming in from the outside. Even rooms with small windows can have a lot of natural light once heavy, plastic blinds are replaced with a light, airy set of curtains. Light pinks, yellows, blues, tans, and especially white, will brighten and uplift the area.

A change above

Overhead lighting is an important factor in lighting up a room. Keeping up on light fixture maintenance, as well as modern style trends, can really boost the amount of light in a space. Burnt-out light bulbs and dusty lampshades limit the amount of light in a space. Be sure to replace burnt-out bulbs with energy-saving LED lights of the correct size and wattage for the fixture, and light will flood the room. Keeping lampshades clean and in good repair allows light to pass easily through. Using can lights in strategic areas overhead will also brighten a space more than just one centrally located lamp.

A reflection

Mirrors are a wonderful way to redistribute light in a space. The reflective surface of a decorative mirror serves as a modern and functional solution to any lighting issue. Placing the mirror across from a window or light fixture will reflect the light back across the room, brightening the entire space. Not only will the mirror make the room brighter, but it can also transform smaller spaces by making them seem larger and more open.

Doing some simple updates can make a huge difference in the amount of light in a space. By considering the factors that go into brightening up a dull area, one can totally transform a room. Light, delicate colors will keep light from being overwhelmed in a room. Light curtains can make a space feel light and airy. Can lights, LED bulbs, and general maintenance are sure to introduce light to an area. Even a simple mirror will elevate the room by reflecting light and expanding the space. Using these tips, making any room brighter and more comfortable is easy.

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