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By Ghaza

Freelance, a legitimate way to work online

There are many jobs available worldwide, but one who gets a job has either a reference link or experience. Therefore, everyone does not have the opportunities to earn using a legitimate source. However, the internet world has created legitimate income opportunities for all. Staying at home and getting benefits of the web to earn significant income is a useful option in which a person requires a computer with a secured network connection and knowledge in the related profession.

Money-making platforms online

Money-making is not an easy job, as there are few opportunities available. However, evolution set by the internet in the job sector is impressive. It has not only provided entertainment for everyone, but it also provides greater income option for students and professionals. One of the most popular legitimate income opportunities on the internet is working as a writer. Although many freelancers also apply as a web developer, graphic designer or data collector, others want to become freelance customer service representative, recruiter, fashion designer, photographer, painter and much more. Platforms such as Freelancer, Upwork and many others provide great options for passive income. The questions that arise in everyone mind are as follows.

How much a person can earn and how fast a person can start?

A person can make as much as he wants. But, the criteria as a freelancer is to have good feedback, which allows you to establish yourself as a professional and therefore charge more. So, it entirely depends on the person who wants to start; for example, a person thinks that he has the potential and possesses the expertise to work online, which will allow him to start working immediately.

What type of job or contract is offered online?

Learning fast and getting a job as a freelancer is not that difficult. There are two kinds of contracts offered online that are fixed price/upfront or hourly jobs.

Fixed-price contract

In the fixed-price job, the client hires the freelancer but pays only when the work has been approved. In this mode, at times freelancers fail to get paid due to fraud in payment. However, many companies do not favor milestone payments, but freelancers can secure payment in fixed-price contract by asking for a milestone payment.

What is a milestone?

Milestones are upfront payments that are deposited into the freelancer account and released on the satisfaction of the employer.

Risk associated to milestone

Sometimes, asking for a milestone payment is risky, because it might shortlist the freelancer from getting a contract or new contract offer.

Hourly contract

An hourly contract is considered a preferable option by many freelancers due to the fact that the payment is guaranteed. In an hourly contract, freelancers track their time worked per week and earn a base hourly rate.

How will a person withdraw the amount?

When it comes to withdrawal, there are many withdrawal options available that provide ease to the freelancer and employer. Some of these online payment methods are Paypal, Payza, Skrill, etc. These withdrawal options are an excellent way to get the money deposited in the bank account. But, most of the websites have withdrawal limit.

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