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By Megan Thompson

Framing your photos

Framing photos seems easy enough to complete. You purchase the frame, go through the steps and hang it up. What if there is more to it that just a simple process? Framing photos sets up a system for each room and I will tell you why framing photos is important.

The process

First, the process of framing photos must be examined in order to continue. The steps to framing a photo are:

  • Select a photo and frame to use
  • Un-assemble the frame
  • Attach tape to the back of the photo, in a T Design to strongly secure the photo when taped down
  • Stick the photo on the backboard of the frame, making sure it is positioned straight and evenly on the backboard
  • If there is a matte piece that came with the frame, apply that over the top of the photo now
  • Put the frame back together, making sure to lock it in secure on the back
  • Hang it up in the space you chose, or choose that space now and hang it

Benefits of framing your photos

Framing photos seems simple and easy enough to accomplish, and now that we have the steps complete, let's examine why should you frame your photos. Framing photos can give your place whether it be at home, classroom, job, or other area, a sense of professionalism. Photos hung up are great conversation starters. A picture is worth a thousand words, right? Use that to your advantage when company comes over. Explain the photo, what is happening in it, whether it is somewhere you have been, someone you know, an art piece, or anything else you wished to frame and hang.

Being away from family, gives you an option to hang photos of your favorite family memories. Whether away at college, or if you have moved to a new location for a job or another reason, framing photos can keep you connected while away.

If you have children, hanging photos up of people in the family can help them to remember faces and their own special memories with that person. Also decorating a children's room with photos you framed of their favorite characters, can brighten up their childhood. Also just like for company, children ask many questions, and if you hung up a photo of a special place, you can share your story with them about that framed photo and maybe even give them a place to dream of.

Is framing a photo necessary?

It is absolutely necessary to frame photos. Why? Framing photos helps to keep pictures/paintings clean and professional looking. It also helps to set the design or mood to a room. Without a frame, the photo can be harmed by bugs, air pollution, and also handling it poorly. Another affect framing has to a photo, is it can enhance the portrait.

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