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By CMStich

Foods that make you feel full longer

Remember the last time you scarfed down that bowl of salad at lunch and thought: "Wow, wish I still wasn't STARVING?" What if there was a way to make those salads feel a little more like Aunt Betty's Thanksgiving Day feast and a little less like, well, salad? Aside from crazy surgical procedures and pills with pages of side effects, (internal bleeding anyone?), there are some foods that will actually silence some of that grumbling and help you shed a few of those pesky pounds. Considering that most diets fail because people feel hungry, let's find the foods that make you feel full longer without adding to your waistline.

Fruit Anyone?

According to the Mayo Clinic, when trying to select foods that make you feel full longer, you need to search out low energy density foods. The idea of low energy density is that they offer fewer calories in a greater amount of food. Raspberries, like other fruits, have a high amount of water and fiber – perfect satiating material! Raspberries provide volume and weight, but not to your waistline! In short, grab a cup of raspberries and add it to your cereal. In an article posted by "Eat This Not That," just one cup of this sweet treat provides 8 grams of satiating fiber and only sets you back 60 calories! Aside from making you fuller longer, raspberries are chock-full of vitamin C, which some believe is good for your immune system!

Craving something Crunchy? Check out these Non-Starchy Veggies

Aside from fruit, there are many veggies that pack a punch when it comes to the water-fiber combo. Broccoli and other veggies such as cucumbers and carrots are high in fiber and water, which will make you feel full longer. In an interview with "Eat This Not That," Tanya Zuckerbot RD., recommended eating non-starchy vegetables for very reason. Fiber also adds bulk to food which gives you the satisfaction of chewing, plus the feeling of a full stomach. In short, you can add a few raw veggies to just about any soup, salad, or sandwich and be on your way to feeling fuller at lunch.

Grab that Greek Yogurt

Diving into a cup of Greek yogurt right after your lunchtime salad will help steer you away from those donuts in the break room. Non-fat dairy options are high in protein and low in fat, which makes them a great low energy density food. Need something to munch on? Toss in some nuts or seeds for an added full factor. As you will soon read, these foods help you to feel full longer as well.

Nutty about Nuts!

When was the last time you grabbed a handful of almonds? Pistachios? Next time hunger calls, you might want to have a bag of these waiting next to your laptop. Here are some reasons why:

  • Rich in healthy unsaturated fat
  • Tons of protein and fiber
  • Slows digestion when combined with carbs. Think fruit or oatmeal.

In an article featured on, author Carey Rossi found a research study conducted in a British Journal of Nutrition. The journal reported that women who paired either 1.5 ounces of peanuts or 3 tablespoons of peanut butter with Cream of Wheat and drank a cup of orange juice were full for up to 12 hours after breakfast, much longer than those who didn't eat peanut products. Wow!12 hours! Pass the Skippy!

Stupendous Soup!

Think soup is just for those cold winter months? Think again! According to Eat This Not That, broth-based soup is a triple threat when it comes to making you feel full longer. Broth soups are loaded with high fiber vegetables, they usually contain chicken and shrimp (which are lean proteins), and the warmth of the liquid makes you feel full. A Penn State University study found that that soup's combination of liquid and solids serves as an appetite suppressant. Remember, however, that these are broth-based soups, not your mamma's extra creamy clam chowder! Chicken soup anyone?

Filled Up?

Try adding fruits or veggies into your daily mix to see how your appetite reacts! Remember: knowledge is power! Those key ingredients in low energy density foods that we learned about: water, fiber, and naturally occurring fats, will help you to silence the hunger and trim your waistline!

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