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By Patton Hunnicutt

Five ways to choose the best wine tonight

Choosing the best wine for your table this evening is more than a single selection from a shelf in your refrigerator. You must select your wine carefully, and there are quite a few things you may want to try when building a wine profile for the evening. Yes, you will see obvious things such as white wine with fish and red wine with beef. However, you may take your selection much farther. You are not bound to a certain wine every time you make a particular dish, and you can use these five tips to make it that much easier to drink the proper wine every night.

Which Protein Are You Using?

You must think about your wine much more deeply than a simple choice between fish and red meats. Pork is a light meat that may require a white wine, and dark meat from chicken or turkey may be used with a red wine. You cannot automatically choose a wine based on the name of the protein. Look closely at the protein's profile before making your selection.

Is The Meal Heavy?

You may make the heaviest meal in the world from shrimp, and it will require a red wine. You are tempted to use white wine because shrimp is on the menu, but the meal could have a sauce and sides that are so filling you need a red wine to pair with it. You may make a beef that is so thin and light you need a white wine. Be a bit more discerning when you look at the plate in front of you.

Are You Having Dessert?

Perhaps you have no plans to drink wine with your meal. You may serve water or a lovely non-alcoholic drink you have prepared. Wine may be served only with dessert, and port is a fantastic wine to serve. The heaviness of the port will help marry with a light dessert, or it will support a lovely chocolate cake you are serving.

Do You Love A Particular Wine?

You are well within your rights to throw all the rules out the window and use the same wine every night. You may become known for serving that wine, and your friends will be turned on to it just as you are. You are sharing a bit of your personality when you serve something like the same Pacific Rim Riesling every night. Let your guests see a bit of who you are when that wine hits the table.

Champagne Is Exciting

Champagne should not be left exclusively for special occasions because the champagne makes every occasion special. Pop the cork or sword the champagne bottle for fun, serve to your guests, and the evening will become exciting simply because you served a good bottle of champagne.

You will eat well every night with these five tips, and you will give your guests an idea of your personality when they see your wine selections paired with dinner and dessert.

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