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By Phillip Ververis

Five photoshop plugins that create mind-boggling photo effects

Photoshop has been around since 1988. This software provides users with many different features for editing digital photos. However, editing photos can be a time-consuming process with the settings already in Photoshop. As a result, there are many different plugins that can be utilized to make the photo editing process a much faster and smoother one.

Photoshop plugins are made for many different uses, for instance, to turn photos into cartoons, to create pencil sketches, to create vintage-looking photos or to apply other various effects. Below are five plugins that create these effects.

1. ToonIt!

This plugin’s name speaks for itself. It is a plugin that turns photographs into different types of cartoons. The interface is simple to use, and the controls give a photo editor endless possibilities. There are many presets to save time. Smaller adjustments are all it takes in order to create mind-boggling cartoon effects. Toonit! also has an intuitive ability to detect the important edges of a photograph. In turn, it creates outlines that are used to shape and control the areas of color. The end result is a professional-looking cartoon.

Price = $129

2. AKVIS Sketch

This is another plugin to create amazing sketches of digital photographs. Some of the different effects include basic pencil sketches and color pencil sketches. One great feature of this plugin is that there is a timeline. The timeline lets the user see different variations of the photograph without needing to adjust any settings. Users can get a glimpse of the various effects and choose the photograph they like best.

This software comes as a standalone program or as a plugin.

Price = $72 (plugin)

3. Alien Skin Exposure

This is a useful plugin to create retro-style photographs. The effects it creates are derived from films from the historical past. There are so many different effects with this plugin that it is almost overwhelming. There are over 470 presets.

Some of the exposures include classic favorites such as Kodachrome, Polaroid, Portra and several others. Of course, a user can also adjust the settings to provide the desired effect.

4. VSCO Film

VSCO is the acronym for Visual Supply Company. This is one of the more popular retro film plugins. The different film packs cost money, but the plugin does come with a free starter pack.

The different film packs include the following:

Alternative Process







A major advantage of this plugin is that the interface is simple to use. Simply put, all the user needs to do is click around until the photo is to his satisfaction.

Price = $129

5. Film Stocks

Last but not least, Film Stocks is an intriguing plugin that simulates 288 different film stocks from motion pictures, historical photographic processes and black-and-white photographic film stocks. Much research and analysis went into this plugin to enable the user to create effects that simulate analog photographs, motion pictures and vintage photos. Some of the different categories include Black & White, Lo-fi, Historical and Color Films.

Price = $95

Although photo editing can be fun, it can also be time-consuming. Plugins help ease the burden of editing photos so that people who edit photos get the desired effect. Even though many plugins cost money, much time is saved on major photo editing projects. Getting more out of Photoshop makes these types of plugins well worth the money.

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