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By Brianna Henson

Five good reasons why men should go for acupuncture

Acupuncture works by promoting a harmonious balance of energy (Qi) flow in the body. The treatment involves insertion of thin needles at specific points and depth through the skin. Contrary to what many people think, acupuncture is not painful as the needles are hair like in size.

Many patients feel tingly, warm, vibrating and profound ache sensations. According to WHO (World Health Organization), acupuncture can treat 28 conditions effectively. This number varies from expert to expert, but here are five ways that men can benefit from this treatment.

  1. Impotence treatment – Impotence is a problem that affects a good percentage of people, both physically and psychologically. It is caused by hormone imbalances, physical injuries as well as emotional issues amongst other things. A group of Austrian scientists did a study that involved men that averaged 42 years of age. The scientists split the men into two groups with the second being used as the control. The first group received acupuncture for impotence while the other got general acupuncture. The condition of the men in the first group improved significantly compared to that of the second group.
  1. Stress reduction – Unlike women, stress is likely to affect men more because many refuse to acknowledge its presence and slow down. Compared to women, men also don't talk about their problems, and this takes a toll on their health eventually. Acupuncture for stress relief comes with pleasant side effects like fewer digestive problems, increased energy, and better sleep.
  1. Better performance in bed – Acupuncture lowers stress levels and allows men to sleep better, which contributes to them feeling rested, energetic and relaxed. When in this state, the level of testosterone increases, and in turn, a man's libido and stamina increase. Acupuncture also increases sperm production and quality. All these allow men to be better lovers; fathers, husbands and even citizens, as men who can perform well in bed are confident and productive.
  1. Pain relief – Acupuncture stimulates nerves, senses, muscles as well as connective tissues. This stimulation promotes blood circulation thereby enhancing balance and acting as a natural painkiller. Men with arthritis, migraines and chronic pain can benefit greatly from the treatment.
  1. Improves concentration – The treatments take a minimum of 30 minutes each session. The insertion of the needles allows men to focus on the different parts of their bodies and the sensations they evoke. This increases one's alertness and ability to focus.

Steps were taken during Acupuncture Sessions

Acupuncture is a form of alternative treatment derived from ancient Chinese medicine. It can be used to provide pain relief and alleviation from nausea. With these therapeutic benefits, you may want to consider this alternative treatment, and that's why having knowledge of what to expect during a typical session is important. This experience enables you to tell the difference between sham acupuncture and proper acupuncture.

Body examination

Whether you're seeking to alleviate nausea or relieve pain, the first step your acupuncturist will take is to examine the area being worked on. Taking off some of your clothes may be required, just like in any other form of medical examination. During the first session, the acupuncturist will feel the acupuncture points, located along the meridians, that need healing. With a later session, the analysis will be carried out only to monitor your healing progress.


Acupuncture uses needles that are said to balance the energy flow in a body. After examination, the acupuncturist will sterilise the areas where needle insertions need to be made using alcohol. Sterilization prevents any form of infection from the needle insertion.

Insertion of needles

After sterilization, the acupuncturist inserts needles in the identified acupuncture points one at a time. The needles are inserted under the skin or deeper into the muscles, depending on the level of your ailment. This needle insertion may cause a tingling sensation or a dull ache, and that's why it is critical to visit a qualified acupuncturist. Sometimes, the acupuncturist will use small guide tubes to ensure the needles are inserted to the right depth.

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