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By Samantha Steiner

First date deal breakers and 5 reasons to avoid a second date

The screening process to make it to a first date can be hard enough, so why make the screening process for the second date just as difficult? There are plenty of first date deal breakers and reasons behind them. If you catch yourself in any of these situations, you should reconsider going out for that second dinner and movie.

Here are 5 reasons to avoid a second date:

  1. Controlling & Jealous
  • Orders your meal or drinks without asking what you would like.
  • They act like your thoughts and opinions don't matter.
  • They appear to get jealous if the opposite sex looks your way.
  • Is rude to the servers.

All of the above are examples of control and jealousy issues. You want to try to avoid people like this at all costs. It only means trouble in the end, and if they act this way on a first date, imagine how much worse it could possibly get a month from now.

  1. The Exes
  • Mentions their ex's name, or even just the topic of them, a lot.
  • Makes comparisons to their exes.

You want to try to avoid the men or women who are still hung up on their exes. An ex is not an appropriate topic for a first date no matter of how long the relationship was, or how long it has been over. The relationship is in the past, and there is always a reason that things did not work out. If your date starts making comparisons about their ex, then there is still some kind of flame between them that has yet to be extinguished.

  1. Relationship Speeders
  • Talks about looking to settle down.
  • Starts talking about what kind of wedding they want.
  • They start telling you that they can't wait to start a family.
  • They have been engaged more times than you've had dates.
  • They are already planning for you to meet their family.

You want to always watch out for the ones who want to jump right into things, or the ones who want to move very fast. There's nothing worse than having dinner with someone for the first time and then realizing that they are slowly planning your future together, one question at a time.

  1. The Agitators
  • They smoke or drink when you don't.
  • The chew or drink too loudly.
  • They talk about themselves way too much.
  • They won't let you get a word in.
  • They are constantly on their phone.
  • They have kids you dislike.

If you're on a date with someone and you start to notice they have little habits or tendencies that you simply cannot live with, cut it off before it starts. Don't try to act like you're okay with the things that agitate you because, in the end, you'll just go insane and want to scream.

  1. Chemistry
  • You're not attracted to them physically.
  • You feel no connection to them mentally or emotionally.
  • There's a lot of awkward silence during the whole date.
  • You have nothing in common.

The chemistry between two people is a huge thing. It's either there or it isn't. You can't force a connection with someone, so you'll know before the date's even over if a second date is worth it or not.

The most important thing is, if you ever feel uncomfortable or get a bad feeling about another person while you're on a date, then it's time to excuse yourself and never return. Dates are a trial and error type of thing. You are never obligated to finish them, or even have a next one. Listen to your gut feelings; they will tell you when you should avoid the second date.

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