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By Lindy Welch

Finding that perfect job that you will love

I have had a few jobs in my day. I have worked in childcare, retail, as an after school teacher, you name it. I will never forget the time I actually became a cleaning lady. I have also volunteered at zoos and museums. I never really found my niche until just a few years ago. Now, I am an elementary school lunch lady, and have been for four years; but before I did that, I had to find a job.

Below, you will find tips on how to find that job you always wanted, from resume information, to interview and to getting hired. Here are some tips are to you started.

The perfect resume

You want to start out making a resume that includes your college education, past work experience and volunteer experience. The more experience and education you have that applies to the job, the more likely you will get a call back.

What I have done in the past when I have looked for jobs is go on job sites such as "Indeed," "Simply Hired" and "Craigslist." I have found most of the jobs through those sites. Just send your resume to as many companies that interest you. Not all of them will call you back. I sometimes sent 30 resumes a day just by emailing them to the employer.

The phone call

After filling out applications and turning resumes in hours or days, you will start getting calls for interviews. Many employers send out emails, but some will call as well. Then, you can start planning the next few weeks interviewing and getting yourself ready. Make sure to have a planner and schedule, because you may have to two to three interviews a day.

The interview

When you go to an interview, you want to look your best, have your hair done and wear nice clothes. I have made the mistake when I was broke or could not afford something really nice to wear, and it truly made a difference.

I have gotten hired into many jobs, but have also gone to maybe 100 interviews in my day. They always seem to ask the same questions. The one that always gets me is "tell me about yourself." I am never sure what they really want to know. As I think more about the question, I get an idea, but when you are facing a stranger who could be your boss, it gets difficult.

I always know what they say to let you know they are thinking of hiring you. If they say things like "we will get back to you" or "we will call you when we have a made a decision," it usually means they are going with someone else and not you.

Getting hired

If the interview starts turning into pre-hire, you will get lots of paperwork and pre-employment testing. You may have to get a drug test or a physical. Always ask the company before the testing if they are going to pay for it. One time I got stuck with the bill, which is not right.

If you struggle looking for jobs, do not give up. Try to apply every single day you can and follow these steps and find a job you really enjoy.

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