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By Renee Moore

Find yourself, proclaim yourself and then prove yourself by using a personal slogan

From the struggling job searcher to the established entrepreneur, both have to make clear to their audience exactly who and what they are. The answer is to create a personal slogan. The struggle is relating such information in a few minutes in a meeting or when bumping into them at a dinner party. The goal for employers and clients is to select those who will have a steady hand to guide their projects. Therefore, those who wish to make the best impression need get their point across quickly. The answer is to create a personal or company slogan.

While everyone is aware of the 30-second elevator speech, what if a contractor or new hire could get their point across in a word or a sentence? Imagine the power of that famous coffee slogan every time someone introduced themselves. Ideas and information must be viewed and consumed in milliseconds so 30 seconds is now too long.

But how is a slogan built?

How to begin? Whether one is employed, a contractor or job seeker, they need to ask themselves, “What do I believe in?” They need to figure out why they get up everyday and go deeper than the idea of money. There are several ways to get to the heart of this question.

  • For those who are religious, they can ask why they feel God (or the spiritual guide of their choice) put them on this earth. Of course, the ultimate slogan will avoid religious overtones unless in an overtly religious field.
  • Even though there are plenty of scandals, hopefully people can find someone they admire. They must ask what makes that person admirable. Who people admire are mere reflections of attributes they have or want to have. Once a list of characteristics is identified, it will be fairly easy to identify the ones that are an accurate reflection of
  • Apply the same steps to a favorite movie, book or poem. Is there something about that crazy action hero jumping off the building that can speak to an audience and illustrate a positive, courageous approach to life?

So how is that brand used?

Judiciously applied, a personal slogan can be as identifiable as one’s name. Add the skills of desktop publishing to display throughout the company visually. If there is a possibility of multiple meetings, the slogan should only come up every other time in natural conversation. Clients will also see the slogan on any social media outlets, headings or presentations. Of course, the slogan will also be the beginning of the company mission statement as it grows as well. Yet another way owners and employees can guide their interactions with new and existing clients.

Why all this for a word or line? Because clients now know the person standing in front of them is no beginner (though one may well be). Everyone wants to show that they are confident in their skill set and that they can communicate ideas clearly. Proving the truth of that slogan will be an ongoing process.

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