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By Anthony Cerullo

Find your craft at these 4 top microbreweries in Austin

Americans get some criticism for their love of watery beer like Budweiser and Coors, but some of the best craft breweries in the world call America home. Craft beer is taking over the country, and if there is any city that represents this fact, it is Austin, Texas. No matter what taste you are attracted to, Austin's vibrant craft beer scene has something for everyone. One could go on about the various locations, but to help narrow it down for you, here are the four top microbreweries in Austin.

1. Jester King Brewery

13187 Fitzhugh Rd Bldg B

Jester King is Austin's answer to authentic farmhouse brews. Here, the dedicated team of brewers commits to creating innovative ales and spontaneous beers that reflect the unique environment of Texas Hill Country. Jester King's mission is to take part in beer-making that involves a great deal of time, patience, creative fermentation, complete attenuation and refermentation in the serving vessel. They use water from their own well and locally grown, malted grains to add a unique sense of locale to their brewery.

2. Austin Beer Garden and Brewery

1305 W Oltorf Street

Relatively new to the Austin scene, the Austin Beer Garden and Brewery (ABGB) started with a simple idea to serve quality beer and food in a lively environment. While on the outside, the ABGB and its large tin warehouse do not look like much but the laid-back, neighborly environment inside makes everyone feel right at home. Patrons can enjoy funky lawn chairs outside while relaxing underneath vast oak trees (ideal for that Texas summer heat). Inside, guests can enjoy long, family-style tables that harken back to the beer halls of German fame. ABGB has a vast selection of beers, so you might want to try their reasonably priced sampler – five mini pints for just $7. The pizza and live music are worth staying for, too.

3. Last Stand Brewing Company

12345 Paul's Valley Road

Right down the road from Jester King, you will find Austin's hidden gem of Craftsman Park. It is here that Last Stand Brewing Company calls home. Last Stand Brewing designs their beers as a top-tier representation of each style through intense detail. They are on a mission to create full-bodied brews that can stand alone from each other as independent styles. Originally, they wanted to produce just two or three beers; however, due to high demand, Last Stand added a fourth to their line-up, which now consists of Pale Ale, IPA, Belgian Pale Ale and Coffee Porter. Furthermore, one can find four additional rotating taps at their brewery including rare barrel aged beers. Do not forget to bring your growler and fill up on your favorites.

4. Adelbert's Brewery

2314 Rutland Drive Ste 100

Since opening in 2011, Adelbert's Brewing has become an acclaimed, award-winning microbrewery in Austin. They use non-GMO Bohemian floor malted barley, Noble hops, fresh years and a hands-on approach to brewing. During the process, they use a multi-temperate decoction mash that extracts a more complex flavor from the grains. It's this attention to detail combined with Adelbert's adventurous spirit that keeps locals coming to try the wide array of beer styles.

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