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By Lindsey Williams

Fight or flight When to fight and when to let go

These days, relationships and marriages are ending left and right because people have unrealistic views of the perfect life with their partner. Let it be known that relationships are going to be the opposite of peaceful. You just have to find the person that makes you want to work through all of it. The highs definitely balance out the lows, and that's why sticking with the person you love makes it worthwhile.

The Fight

Fighting is a completely normal obstacle in every single relationship in the world. You're not going to agree with everything your significant other says. So, fight. It's healthy to show your emotion and get all of the anger out instead of bottling it up just to save face. Listen to your partner's side and your partner will listen to yours. If you're dealing with someone who refuses to see anything from your point of view and compromise, then maybe it is the time to let it go. There are no absolutes in this area. You have to do what feels right for you. Fighting can be constructive and help relationships grow. You are learning every day something new about this person and that's going to lead to some disagreements. The point is to put yourself out there and let your partner know exactly who you are, and if both of you decide to move through it, then that's someone to possibly keep around. If not, then you are one step closer to finding someone who WILL listen to your thoughts and ideas, even if he or she disagrees.

The Flight

Only you will know when it is time to flee the situation. Fighting is good for relationships, and getting through those fights with your partner will show you both how the love is stronger than the disagreements. However, sometimes the fighting will leave you both realizing that you cannot change who your significant other is, and it is time to proceed with your life alone. It's sad to say that this whole process is all situational. It all depends on what you both are going through and how you're handling the oppositions. If you're feeling like the fighting highly outweighs the love, then there is your answer. There are a lot of stubborn people in this world and some of them stick to what they believe no matter what. Having an open mind is rare. Finding someone that is willing to change his or her beliefs for you is even more rare, but it's out there.

The Love

Love is stronger than any force on this planet. It can turn evil to good. It can cure pain. It can even make us live a little longer. Finding love is hard, and finding someone to love forever is even harder. The forever kind of love makes the fighting not seem so destructive. That kind of love withstands no matter what. Know when to walk away from a toxic person that has no chance of changing his/her ways. However, if you have found someone that listens and takes your feelings into consideration even during disagreements, then fight for that person and your life will be forever changed for the better.

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